November - The Month Ahead

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November - The Month Ahead

As we head into November, lets take a look at some of the content we have in store. From deciding Raids Rewards, to the highly anticipated Hardcore Ironman, there's plenty to look forward to.

Raids Rewards Poll

This month also starts out with a Poll to see what you want as your Raids Rewards. There's a whole host of exciting content offered, to see the lot check out the dedicated Dev Blog.

The Poll will kick off Thursday 3rd November, so head to a Poll Booth in game or vote on the website to have your say on what treasures await within Mount Quidamortem!

Last Man Standing

It's time to up the ante. High Stakes Last Man Standing returns November 4th!

The first high stakes Last Man Standing weekend was a roaring success. It's time to raise the stakes again and compete for a chance at fame and fortune. Costing 1 million gp per entry, high stakes LMS embodies risk and reward gameplay, offering a first place prize of 15 Million gp!

The prizing works out at ten times that of usual Last Man Standing, so in addition to the first place prize of 15m, 2nd place gets 5m, and 3rd-5th gain free entry to another High Stakes game.

However, there's not just fame and fortune to be won. There's also some new ways of wreaking havoc in the battle for survival. We've added in the Dragon Warhammer and Dragon Claws to the chests' loot. Claws may only be looted with Bloodier Keys however, so you'll have to get slaying for a chance to wield this legendary weapon.

To take part in High Stakes Last Man Standing, talk to Lisa, found just east of the Clan Wars bank.

Hardcore Ironman

One life. One goal.

Hardcore Ironman is coming in the next few weeks and offers a brand new way to experience Old School RuneScape. If you've ever wanted to squeeze a bit more challenge out of Gielinor, Hardcore Ironman is for you!

Once Hardcore Ironman is in game, you'll become one by talking to Juan at the end of Tutorial Island.

Once you've opted in and have left Tutorial Island, the challenge has begun. Any non-safe death will end your journey as a Hardcore Ironman.

You'll have to carefully plan your questing and bossing, keeping in mind that the slightest misstep could spell your end.

There are no second chances as a Hardcore Ironman. If you fall into the clutches of death, you will be stripped of your Hardcore status and your stats will be frozen on the prestigious Hardcore Ironman hiscores.

Prepare to take on the toughest challenge Old School has to offer later this month!

Kourend Rework

The improvements to Greater Kourend come to life.

Mod West has been hard at work bringing some of the requested improvements to Great Kourend to life. Over the past month he has made some big changes to the city, ones which will be making their way into game later in November.

If you'd like a detailed look at the changes, be sure to check out Mod West's tour of the rework from last week's developer Q&A!

Mods Archie, Ash, Ghost, Jed, John C, Kieren, Mat K, Maz, Merchant, Ronan, Roq, TomH, Weath & West
The Old School Team

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Exciting updates! I am curious if there will be other changes to Dinh's Buckler? Some good ideas (mine) were around in the previous Dev Blog that I think should be looked into -- only change we've seen so far is the disabled use for PVP - But I'm not entirely convinced its current incarnation is at all worthwile for PVM.

We also haven't heard anything yet of a special attack for the new bow, without this, it'll fail to compete within its own niche (seeming attraction is main weapon vs blowpipe at Zulrah).

Will we be looking to add other new reward-types to Raids as well? I think the roster should be as full as possible :)

I'm also sad to see the beta HCIM hiscores..
never stood a chance.. >_>

, write the posts yourself! I see you've plagiarized your senior colleague once again ;)

I win this round! ;) better luck next time
Mod Jed

your imbued heart has regained its magical power

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new mod op he actually has the month ahead post on time!
Maxed on OSRS

Maxed on RS3 (comped pre-eoc)


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Nice looks awesome.

Super ready for Kourend Updates by West. It looked awesome on the stream.

What J-Mods will be working on raids on the content side?

Thanks Mod Merchant you'll be awesome in the team.

01-Nov-2016 16:48:09

Im Toxic Af
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Im Toxic Af

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Personally would rather not see xp striked out like that if you die but instead just the skull to indicate the player is dead. Just personal preference tho. Looking forward to hcim tho. :D

01-Nov-2016 16:49:58

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