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Mod Roq said:
Mod Maz said:
ANXlOUS said:
I will add on what others are saying, especially considering most people in the wilderness hunting black chins will release theirs if they know they will die so the pker cannot get them. i think you should be able to toggle it off

Togglescape won't be happening in this case.

Just to add to that people have always been able to release chinchompas and before the update they were able to do it even quicker. We've added a delay (although very slight) meaning the PKer is more likely to get the loot.

I'm a little confused as to where your idea about players only now being able to release them comes from. As that is the context you've seem to have given from your comment.

can we have the ability to get the world switch warning back? after you turn it off and say don't turn this message on again you can't get world switch warnings back.

24-Nov-2016 12:34:56

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