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Premier Club FAQ

I want to get Premier Club membership but don't want to cancel my existing subscription agreement. Can I do that?

Yes. Paying for Premier Club when you already have an agreement simply pushes back your next rebill date to the end of your Premier Club membership. Once it's finished, your old agreement will take over.

If I buy the Old School RuneScape Premier Club, do I get the membership for my RS3 account?

Yep, and vice versa – buy any Premier Club package and you’ll get the listed benefits for both games.

Can I pay with Bonds?

Certainly - redeem them for your Premier Club membership through the in-game interface.

I bought Bronze/Silver tier, but now I want to upgrade. Can I do that?

Sure! Visit the billing page or the Bonds interface to upgrade whilst Premier Club is still on sale.

What happens to my membership status when my 3/6/12 month Premier Club membership runs out?

If you buy a Bronze (3 month) or Silver (6 month) Premier Club memberships, you will be placed on a recurring 3 or 6 month subscription when it expires. The only exception is if you subscribe with an existing Grandfathered subscription (see next question).

Gold membership (12 months) is not recurring. If you purchase Gold while you have an existing recurring subscription, it will continue once the 12 months are up. If you had no existing subscription when you made the purchase, your membership will end after the 12 months, unless you actively resubscribe.

I’m eligible for a reduced ‘Grandfather’ rate subscription. What will happen to it if I choose to buy Premier Club?

Grandfather rates are not factored in when calculating Premier Club prices. If you purchase any Premier Club package while you have a Grandfather-rate subscription, your old subscription will pick up when your Premier Club membership ends, and you will remain eligible for your reduced rate.

I bought Premier Club membership, but have changed my mind/don't have time to play. Can I have a refund?

Sorry to hear that. We can only offer refunds within the terms of our refund policy.

I’m having other troubles with payment – help!

No worries, our dedicated customer support team are always on hand – get help fixing your payment issue.


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