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I'm heavily in favour of concealing vote counts till the end (while also enabling vote change), too often Reddit and Twitter exasperate expectations and perceptions that simply don't pan out outside of the social media bubble.

Jagex has underestimated in the past how necessary it is to explain Questions in detail outside of Social Media (either more clarity in Poll, or do so on the Forums), hopefully they are more conscious now of how certain questions should be worded, without requiring 3rd Party explanations, while a large potion of the player voting base uses off-site social media, there's still a significant amount who don't - and that has failed certain Q's in the past on that underestimation.

I admit I enjoy the fun of seeing the live results, discussing with friends about how Questions are going and also all the excitement around the Polls, it always gave a fun reason to check the poll booth - but I'm willing to sacrifice that in the interest of democracy and reducing the power of 'frenzy' that seems to shape which Questions pass-or-not. Maybe a compromise would be to have Daily 'Snapshots' of how votes are going?

EDIT: Can we have a voting booth in Zulandra PLZ? :)
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I agree with everything.

My only advice/opinion is to have a clearer definition of what polling fewer things will actually do.

Unless something has a major impact on gameplay, I don't think it should be polled. This would be changing the magic tree stump, removing the infamous green pixel, restructuring the stats interface to get the "total level" indicator in line with the stats etc. Just do it when it fits you the best, if you have time. And things like the magic tree stump shouldn't really be considered unless it's next to no devtime what so ever. Reality is bots are the majority of players to see that tree stump.

Things that are in a grey area, such as changing the trouble brewing reward appearance, ask through social media what people's opinions are. If there are only a select few who actually grinds for those rewards, value their opinion and make a decision. If you're surprised by the number of players actually obtaining the rewards, then maybe polling it is a wise decision if it's a major change.

Also, am I right in thinking the restricted polls will be almost entirely to the different game modes? Or will it be restricted to pures (to change def requirements to cater to pures), high levels for high level skilling/pvm encounters? This might be made more specific. If things like total level worlds will be polled to everyone, I can see a lot of people finding reasons to argue that whatever you're restricting aside from game mode specifics should be polled because it in some slight way affects another group of players.

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More things should be done without a poll being required.
Of course they should, Jagex have proof that they care about the game and players so I know I can trust them with more changes. I also think that Jagex should have the last voice when a poll fails with 70-74%.

PD: I think the poll results should be concealed to keep objectivity.

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