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Why more melee content? They've received 6 weapons within the last year and a half not counting weapon buffs.
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Believe magic to only be for support? Think again. It's just as valid of a Pking style as melee and range is.

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Sounds like fun! Though I really hope the Inferno is a shorter but more challenging version of fight caves, assuming it's wave based. The worst about fight caves is just having to go through all those easy waves.
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The cape gives +3 melee attack, +1 to all defenses, +4 strength, and -2 prayer over fire cape. Why the drop in prayer bonus? That actually tempts me to use fire cape over infernal cape on tasks that require prayer. As a sort of successor to the fire cape I don't think I should have any stats lowered by choice of its usage over fire cape.

Otherwise I thoroughly support the idea. I hope it isn't similar to fight caves in that the main investment required per attempt (other than the first, requiring a fight cape) is time. For the fight caves, jad isn't too difficult but took me a couple tries to get down. It's too punishing, and reasonably difficult. I'd like to see infernal caves be a little less punishing but more difficult.

Final question is this: will there be some sort of reward for turning in infernal capes, akin to Jad pet rewarded for fire capes turned in? Similarly, will the tzharr slayer task be modified or possibly another added for motivation to get more infernal capes after the initial run through?

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So very excited for JadV2. Been anticipating this update since it was originally announed in 2015. Would really like to see a Mage and Range cape-slot variant aswell. Using a backpack that Requires 27 woodcutting and a mithril axe that can be completed on a freshly made account within hours at 30M Ranging XP just isnt saturating. Nice suprise on the new skilling content aswell. Could you maybe match the xp/h rates for the infernal eels to those of the Dark crabs after completing the wilderness elite diary? IK it'll be better than previous methodes, and that people with 99 fishing will be upset they wasted more time wasting than they couldve wasted spending the spare time wasting time, but the majority of the game will be very gratefull if fishing could become 'decent' xp-rates without putting in alot of effod.

Great job - keep it up!
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