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Mod Ronan

Mod Ronan

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Hey everyone,

We're planning a slayer poll in the very near future and would like to hear what you would be most interested in seeing appear on it.

If you have ideas for slayer improvements, or new slayer content in general, please let us know!

One thing we're keen on is a new slayer creature with an accompanying reward. If you have any ideas - send them our way!


28-Mar-2017 13:08:23



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- Skotizo Helm & Pet
- Gargoyle Boss & Key Shards that drop to form keys to the roof of the Slayer Tower
- Slayer Task Milestone Points at 100, 250, 500
- Dedicated Slayer Caves/Areas to suit monsters in their homeland/environment
- Graphical rework to Nieve's Cave

- Give a better weighting to Waterfiends, allow them to be more common through purchase
> The Elder Maul and Abyssal Bludgeon would be fun to use against these on-task in the Ancient Caverns

- "Wendigo", a slayer monster above Smoke Devils (Preferably on Zeah/Fossil Island)
> At low health, the Wendigo requires a final blow by setting it alight. The evil spirit is seen floating away (Grants Slayer XP/Prayer XP simultaneously when killed)
> The only known way to kill a Wendigo is to burn them to death. Wendigo are so sensitive to heat, they will even shun potential prey sitting before an open flame.

- Cannon can hold up to 60 Cannonballs
> Scaled to a players Range/Smithing levels

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Can we see a graphical overhaul to Nieve's cave. Currently, it doesn't seem very unique and is kinda dull. Just a suggestion anyways ;)
SirJimiee ;)

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Possibly add a skeletal wyvern boss or encounter
-could be similar to cerb on task boss only and could add a weapon or armor associated to the boss
-could make it so items that have no current use ie ely to be really good there and worth having, this would prevent the decline of old content.
add lower, mid and a high tier slayer mosnter to kill so that you are adding content but not getting to the 99 slayer requirement to kill them.
- for example could add between 75-80 slayer req mob
maybe add a 120+ slayer master on zeah or fossil island or in the inferno
- master could give more boss tasks or maybe 2 options per task and you chose 1 of the 2 to do
- or maybe at a certain amount of points you can request a boss task only at that slayer master, you would maybe have to do 15-20 of his tasks to be able to ask for one. upon request that counter resets

28-Mar-2017 13:46:23

Sir Doland
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Sir Doland

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Broad dart tips as untradeable drop from kurask and turoth. Would require fletching level and have stats similar to other broad ammunition (eg. slightly below adamant darts) and allow players to do said tasks using the toxic blowpipe.
These should drop in a sustainable amount but not necessarily letting you stack up on them.

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Depending on what these suggestions will bring and if they pass a poll, when are we likely to see them ingame? April, May or just before Fossil Island?

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28-Mar-2017 14:32:29

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The only content slayer really needs at the moment is more locations to counter crowding in my opinion.

Personally I've been avoiding slayer for a long time, it gets updated so often I feel like I'm wasting my time as it keeps getting faster. I know all skills will progressively get faster but slayer has seen much more attention than anything else over the years. Hopefully we won't see much change this time in xp/hr from new content?

Still waiting on that Skotizo slayer helm though c:


28-Mar-2017 14:44:54

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-Allow players to kill just the slayer bosses once they've reached level 99.
-Revamp Cerberus drop table for the requirement it's drop table is pretty weak.
-Give 99 slayer cape a new emote.
-Need something more useful on 99 accomplishment besides 10% of getting the previous task

28-Mar-2017 15:00:13

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Slayer improvements/ New slayer content -

Could be some new perks to methods of training slayer such as with a cannon or burst/barraging. Increased canon capacity, reduced rune cost, reduced cannonball rates, increased damage on task (only works with black mask/slayer helm)

New jewelry with various slayer area teleports. Maybe a teleport to the far end of Nieves cave, kourend catacombs, Kurasks, brimhaven metal dragons, wyverns?

New slayer creature -

Woudlnt mind something with sub 70 requirements although the 76-79 section might also be viable.

Elementals - Various elements of the 4 basic elements, deals magic based damage. Killed via magic however specifically weak to the elements weakness. Aka - water > fire, earth > air. Would fit the lower tier slayer levels and drops runes, battlestaffs, mystic staffs and other assorted items.

Something reptilian would be cool. Could drop hides for new ranged armor that fills a mid tier armor that offers something unique rather than mage bonus and ranged bonus. Possibly something with higher pray bonus or melee defense bonus.

While thinking about that last one I think about a type of armor that offers hybrid offensive stats towards magic and ranged. Given this would be at a reduced offensive stats compared to that of other armors of that tier. Maybe an add on to dragonhide or mystics or quite possibly the split bark armor to make it more reliant.

28-Mar-2017 15:03:23

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Death wings drop table update and that they can be assigned to slayer task. Karamja and kharazi jungle is pretty dead so this would make kharazi jungle useful if task would be decent. And maybe a mid level death wing boss which would be a solo boss and would located in viyeldi caves?

28-Mar-2017 15:19:12

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