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Easter Egg Helmet! :O

Very excited for the Fossil Island devblog, as I'm certain I've got a few of my suggestions coming up on it. I gave Maz a handful of ideas she liked!

I've been pushing for barehanded butterflies for over 1.5 years and I really want white salamanders. :D

Can't wait!
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Oldschool Team

Already gave my opinion on the Slayer & Dungeons developer blog, you can find that here.

As for
Fossile Island
i'm interested how that will be, new training methods in a variety of skills is always a good thing but we don't want the current ways of training be completely dominated by this. Also for the Wyverns there must be a balance, for example ; have some sort of requirement in order to go to their lair or make a slayer requirement so people will still kill the current wyverns because they are a very good place to train at whilest making money. I'll give more feedback about Fossile Island when we have more information.

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