April - The Month Ahead

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Once again, I am disappointed with this month's updates.
Except for the Easter event - I appreciate this, thank-you -and something with the Friend List, everything has to do with Deadman and Raids.

This isn't the Old School for which I voted, for which I abandoned RS3 forever. I am not a boy or young man (or old man, for that matter. hehe). There are many of us who don't appreciate the extreme (imo) concentration on group, team, or pvp type activities.

Although I still have to attend to the final bosses in MM2, another (less terrifying) quest would make me very happy. I'd like to know how I can complete the Elite Ardougne diary as an ironwoman, when I can't share catches on the Fishing Trawler? (If there has been an adjustment for that, I missed it. My bad, sorry, in that case.)

I am happy that finally, the Gnome Glider is friendlier, and I no longer get weeds on gardening patches.
But, I have complained often about the disruptive randoms in Zanaris. It wouldn't take much tweaking - perhaps a plea to the Queen - to put a stop to the ones that stop gameplay for players who have completed all 3 Zanaris quests.
Couldn't we have some of these fixes or quality of life updates?
Yes, I am a real life ironwoman; I am a grandmother.
Yes, really.

06-Apr-2017 15:11:19

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Moving slayer monsters to various locations is a great idea in my opinion!
Having to travel far and wide was always a part of old school runescape so this'll add to the nostalgia feeling :D

10-Apr-2017 09:10:09

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