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Nubby Nubnub
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Nubby Nubnub

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Exciting dev blog! Thanks for taking the time to write it.

Taken from the blog:
Original message details are unavailable.
"Should the amount of Castle Wars tickets which are rewarded after completing a game be changed to 5, 15 and 25 for a loss, draw and win respectively?"

These numbers seem extremely generous, perhaps a bit too generous. O_o

28-Apr-2017 16:58:05



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Edit: This is quite a lot of questions on one poll, so hopefully each is processed through equal attention - seems too that most of these won't take too long to implement if approved (hopefully).

I'm not too concerned with the proposed buffs to mostly inconsequential minigames, but I imagine the Pest Control one would be the most scrutinized.
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Great Polls!

Quick note:
Castlewars tickets should be balanced a little more
lose 3 points
tie 5 points
win 10 points

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28-Apr-2017 17:01:38

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Awesome! Can't wait.

Edit: Though i'm salty about the castle wars question. I grinded for ages to get 300 Tickets for halo!!

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Moon Sky
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Moon Sky

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Don't like the Castle Wars ticket increase it will kill the minigame.

People would finish whatever they are Cwing for alot faster and leave to never return.

I'd like the ticket increase if more rewards were added that would take time to obtain.

28-Apr-2017 17:16:39



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The gold set would be attainable in 50 hours as opposed to the 400 it currently takes. Unless the 350 hours I would have wasted would be compensated somehow, no thank you. RS1: 123 combat - 1648 total - 112 QP
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28-Apr-2017 17:46:24

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pathetic just like mod stone when he went to castle wars got destroyed in the spot doesn't even know how to play the game and rage quit :P
If the tickets increase in that size castle wars gonna be dead, 25tickets per game farm would only take few games to obtain any reward LEL.
rewards should be upgraded because right now are a joke :@

28-Apr-2017 17:47:16

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I'm all for having a decent in game map. My vote will be yes, ofc.

But... Shouldn't the poll for the map be voted on BEFORE substantial development time be spent on it? I thought that was the whole idea of the polls, so that dev time isn't wasted on something that does not get voted in? I've seen this happen more than once now. Dev blogs go up showing a lot of time spent on a project BEFORE it is actually voted on. This needs to change imo.

28-Apr-2017 18:07:27

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