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Runecrafting Update

HARD NO for the double deaths.

Currently 3,331 people have 99 RC per the hiscores.

I'm not sure if that's enough people that if even 60% decided to craft deaths that it would disrupt the economy... But it's not a chance I'd really want to take.

It could cause the price of deaths to drop below a point where they're extremely less profitable than now for those of us with mediocre runecrafting levels.

On the other hand, should it pass and be implemented into the game without disrupting the economy... There's a new goal to have.

Laws are irrelevant, in my opinion. They're already cheaper than natures and even if you could double them at 95+, those capable would continue to craft natures.

Castle Wars

Looks like the major consensus in this thread is a hard no on the castle wars updates. I don't play castle wars often... But the CW community sure has compelling arguments for it. I'd stand by them.


Cool beans, finally getting something OS Buddy has had for years lol.

03-May-2017 01:26:08

Final Rush
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Final Rush

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If you're going to change the castle wars items to cost less tickets, make it apply to ALL OF THEM. You shouldn't be catering to pures for anything regardless of something being an aesthetic or BIS. They choose to limit themselves, ergo their own problem, not ours.

03-May-2017 20:39:32

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