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Simple solution to Void:

Melee, Ranged, and Magic: 10% damage and 10% accuracy normal, 12.5% damage and 12.5% accuracy elite.

Done. This makes the Magic Void the best for damage but with terrible accuracy.
Long live the Wilderness. Long live risk vs reward in PVM. Long live 2006.

14-Jun-2017 19:12:14

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I just don't get this illusion. Jagex removed free trading, after a while they admitted they were wrong and they reverted it. The wilderness was removed and pking died and after a while they too had to bring that back along with staking. The EOC was a failure and so was legacy and then they had to bring the entire old school servers back to deal with the damage done. Now it is void. Why is there the illusion that void range is overpowered?? The armor may hit hard but the that armor set has the worst ranged defense bonus ever. The trade off between hard hits and low defensive stats justifies this armor set. It has worked for many years why would it now suddenly ruin the game and the future of the game? We never asked for more ranged armors for pking. More armors is always welcome but only under the premise that what we have should stay the way it is. This should not be about Jagex's illusion of what is right or wrong. You Jagex should be ashamed of yourselves and understand that all of the things you have removed in the past and later had to bring back again are a testament for your dumb idiology. You cannot play god in a game that is now wired by a polling system. Have you thought about people like me who only play runescape for the sake of void range? I would never play anything else other than that. Change everything back the way it was. We are not asking for a lot.

15-Jun-2017 01:13:30



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Yea get rid of the new mineral crap only being usefull for an already boosted and OP combat class!
thanks for yet again boosting range :/
If range was not only already OP in OSRS it is now just unfair!
Please if your going to add another mineral add along the armor and or magic use of it!!
Not solely singling out and only being useful for range!
I h8 the new mineral amethyst ! get rid of it or add uses for the other two classes
{^o^}y- o O

23-Jun-2017 01:12:12

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