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I just can't believe, that all of the rioting, KKK cosplaying, Jmod harassment and RACISM ended up being over a rainbow leprechaun event...

At first I would've agreed that advocacy outside the game would've been more tactful - since all of the rioting and all of the hate - I've changed my mind.

It's exactly because of the reactions we've seen at W Fally that a "pride" themed event was necessary in the first place.

It just pisses me off when people pretend this is an issue of politics. You know deep down inside this nothing to do with the politics or the polling system... "
I play RS to escape the real world issues
" really just screams to me "
Keep me away from the gays, I play RS to escape the real world, where the gays are!.

Equally amusing is the classic "
it's a children's game
" argument.

Apparently making a rainbow scarf is more damaging to childhood innocence than exposure to racist homophobe cosplayers shouting "Kill all Nig****" and "Gays should noose themselves"

Who's really thinking of the children here

Let's be real: The people rioting and bitching non-stop about this are more child-like today than they were 10 years ago... WHEN THEY WERE ACTUALLY CHILDREN.

I for one welcome the event, and to those who would 'quit' over it - don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!
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Infernal is unfair to anyone in Australia how do you expect us to beat it with the lag we get.

Its just content we can't even attempt because our ping is to high.

08-Jun-2017 11:37:57

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Joeh said:

Last I heard, the sysadmins had shipped out the kit to Australia, and were booking the servicing companies to make all the network changes needed to install them - it's not a simple plug-&-play job due to the extreme form of DDOS protection OSRS requires.

Rob Da Dawg said:
I had bought bonds on my accounts right before this free weekend was announced. Will I receive days added on my accounts to compensate? I paid for days everyone can get for free.

I'm afraid not; I gather that's fairly standard for limited trials like this :(

Now that Pest Control has an activity bar can we see the same for Castle Wars?

We could expand the thing in the respawn rooms to cover the whole minigame, provided the definition of 'activity' can be useful. It wouldn't be so helpful if we just prompted players to go splash on a friend from another team throughout.

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