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Feb Member 2019


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you know ive played allot of this game heck i sign in with a username not a email original account been off and on since 2000 kinda quit with the rs3 debacle.... still kinda play off and on kinda glad to see the game finally progressing in the right way towards the future maybe next you all can try incorporating the game into virtual reality ? wink wink

be really cool to see this game in vr tbh

15-Nov-2017 02:19:42

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18th of July was literally the worst day ever, the day Jagex announced they where brining our runescape for mobile, it has now been almost 4 months of hell and boredom while sitting at work wanting to gain xp. It honestly feels like Iíve been sat on deaths row for the last 4 months which have felt like forever waiting to even get a sniff at it. Please jagex just an update at least to give me an idea of when itíll be out, itís KILLING me!!!

15-Nov-2017 13:17:21

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I wanted to possibly give an idea. Tapping on the phone might be hard. As it controls all movement , tapping is the equivalent of clicking. But some phones have weird sensitivity issues and they might make it an issue to move / open certain objects. I think this should be looked @

21-Nov-2017 20:42:47

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