RuneFest Shield & H'ween poll

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All skins look cool. I like the green one. :)

Runefesf will be awesome I bet. Can't wait for the gargoyle boss.

Also any J-Mod.
I think I found a bug or my osrs Is fucked.,99,98,65951343

Can't access miscellenia woodcutting and mining. Need help. Need my seeds!

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22-Sep-2017 15:50:03

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It would be a thriller if we could have the zombie blue please. I always wear all blue as it is as you can see on my avatar here, as well as on OSRS. :)

Besides my personal liking of blue, I feel the zombie blue is nostalgic for some back when the zombies were actually that color. As far as the green and purple skin colors go, we already have a green skin color from Hallowe'en, and purple doesn't seem very Halloweenish (plus it's ugly).

As a side note, I wish people would just post their opinion on which skin color they prefer as the thread originally asks instead of complaining about everything else. A Jmod also pointed out they would not do all 3 skin colors, and yet several people continue to post they want all 3 skin colors. It doesn't help Jagex in deciding which skin color to put in the poll if everyone wants all 3 or none.

Anyway, end of rant and I had to edit my post on my PC since I can't seem to figure out how to do paragraphs on my phone lol.

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the reward is skin color?

oh crap this is not worth doing.
I had hopes that old school would have better stuff than the rs3 crap holiday rewards.
this is a bummer as the annoyance of the luring is very demeaning as you cant move fast enough because of the lag.

It is good to know this is something I do not need to bother with.
it seems no holiday thing since the good old days of past "real" rewards is just no more.
I recall the old cocatrice cape type rewards that actually did something and was not cosmetic.
sigh those days and rewards are gone. :( wah

20-Oct-2017 01:31:11

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