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Not sure what another user was trying to say when she said, "the community has spoken" when more votes counted yes than no. Seems to me that the majority of people voting want this content to be added but it's the persons who play this game to chop wood and run runes all day don't want PvP content added. Another butt-hurt PvMer voted no because he is salty for one reason or another.

People with this mentality need to understand that just much or even more players play for PvP as they do for PvM or skilling.
PvP one of the most enjoyable aspects of this game. Furthermore, I am thrilled that you guys are paying attention to the Wilderness through this second rejuvenation update. I voted yes for most things but I do agree that the BiS range gloves/vambraces should come through different content. No complaints from me other than me saying certain people need to lighten up.

07-Nov-2017 18:57:12

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