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Mod Ayiza

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Malewhale said:
I'm all in favour of pvp armours however the way the dev blog explains it is hella confusing.

PvP armours cannot be repaired, at all, ever.

Players have to pay a fee to be able to equip the armours. Once that fee has been paid, the armours become untradeable.

Killing another player wearing PvP armours will reward you with 80% of the fee they paid to unlock it.

The way it worked before was the killer would be rewarded with pure GP based on the items high alch value. This change means there is a gold sink rather then new gold being generated.

Hopefully this helps clear things up.

08-Nov-2017 10:42:21

Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

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Mageeee said:
It's kind of impossible to really think about the "Loot key scrolls" without knowing what kind of loot they ACTUALLY give. Can a Jmod share a few pictures of what potential loot can be found with the scrolls? I'm not even sure what I'm really voting for in the end...

Are they literally just the entire loot from a player you killed but kept in the form of a single key, so that you're able to pick up multiple without having to bank? And what about the loot from the Revenant ones?

The Loot Key will give you the loot of another player you've killed. Whatever they were wearing and had in their inventory goes into this key.

The key is always lost on death and you cannot get anything from the key until you have gon to the bank. You can only hold a maximum of 5 keys at once.

Hope this helps clear things up :)

08-Nov-2017 10:45:16

Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

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Just a little reminder that this is meant to be an area for discussing the rewards and potential changes or additions, not for shouting about the opinion of others voting.

I fully understand that people have their own reasons for voting against/for pieces of content, but all I want to do as part of this is gather feedback, so please let's keep it that way :)

09-Nov-2017 09:51:03 - Last edited on 09-Nov-2017 10:07:21 by Mod Ayiza

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Mod Ayiza

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revtek said:
Doubt you will read this but can you poll these two items from the last poll.
1) amulet of smite - increases smite to deal 1/3 of your damage dealt to prayer increased from 1/4.
2) the ring that has a chance to activate your bolt spec more often.
They are both really good rewards and would hold a high value and didn't fail by much last time.

and finally a new addition
amulet of deflection: When a PLAYER hits your protection prayer with the attack style you are protecting from a small bit of damage is reflected. It would be stronger than a recoil but not extremely strong.

this would be good for Nh pkers are tribridders. should have similar stats to a glory maybe with +1 str.

I saw the post, sorry if I haven't replied but it doesn't mean it's gone unnoticed :)

Be mindful of the ring given we are soon bringing Dragon Bolts into the game, which may open up a lot more uses of the gem tipped bolts.

I think the Amulet may be worth re-visiting, I'll have a chat with the team.

Interesting idea with the deflection amulet too, I'd like it if we made it degrade like ring of recoils. Would this be used much though if we added both the Amulet of Peril and the Amulet of Smiting?

09-Nov-2017 12:01:00

Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

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M4g3 said:
You said you were working on PvP armour for hybridding, can you elaborate abit more on that? how much time of use? What kind of requirements to use etc?

At the moment I can't give enough detail for it to make sense, but we're looking at ways to incorporate switching gear without degrading.

One option may be to simply change the way the timer works, so you can have up to 60 minutes of use in total, rather than working on the current timer proposed. To do this though, we'd have to make it degradeable outside of combat.

Another possibility is to leave the standard sets as they are, with the current timer, and introduce corrupt versions that work on the changed timer mentioned above. If we were to do this though, they wouldn't be the 20 def versions everyone was used to. We need more time to balance those.

The team are looking at all of the options available. I'll get an update out once I know more.

No other stats are changing at the moment, and they'd still have an 80 defence requirement.

09-Nov-2017 12:04:57 - Last edited on 09-Nov-2017 15:59:55 by Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

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The dev blog has been updated, please check the updated version here.

- Added an alternate version of the Amulet of Peril. The original version remains unchanged.
- Altered the Loot Key Scroll so that it only allows players to gather 5 kills to keys. After this you will need to redeem another Loot Key Scroll. No other changes were made.
- Altered the way PvP armours degrade so it no longer impacts switching gear, such as in hybrid fights. The armours will still only last for a maximum of 60 minutes.
- Added clarification regarding why PvP armours degrade.
- Added a new reward, Sinister Scroll.
- Added a new reward, Ancient Crystals.
- Added a new reward, Minus XP Lamp.

10-Nov-2017 14:07:42 - Last edited on 10-Nov-2017 16:00:59 by Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

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Blaze it 420 said:
Plonka said:
The 10 lamp cap is abit sucky imo, why not make it so every lamp you use it costs +1m to open,

Lamp 1 = 3m
Lamp 2 = 4m
Lamp 3 = 5m
Lamp 20 = 22m

This would make it stupidly expensive for anyone to try anything stupid and not put a cap on people using them.
This sounds a lot better than the original idea

The lamp is to reduce a small amount of XP for a player that may have made a mistake. It's not meant to be a way for players to reduce their stats below requirements after completing them, which is why we need a limit.

10-Nov-2017 16:07:30

Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

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RoT Pang said:
I just read the new proposal for loot key scroll, and I hope the J mods behind this stupid idea get a slap on the head.

The reason we do these posts in advance is to gather feedback before the poll goes live. It's quite clear a lot of people are against the restricted key use, which is something we'll look at.

10-Nov-2017 18:43:18

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