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You made literally 0 changes to loot keys and intend to repoll it? Are you serious?

I don't even understand the need for it. Besides Bounty Hunter, which suffers from ragging issues, as well as PJing after a kill, WHY does the ENTIRE WILDERNESS need a loot key?

Let's just take the iconic looting system that has always been around Runescape and replace it with a key. Brilliant! No more having to worry about dying in multi-combat when you try to loot a mystic set; instead, just pick up everything at once and run out of harms way! Awesome!

Are you worried about 1 item pkers killing you and getting all your items? Not currently, because they easily get killed by the rest of your team.
After this update? Eh, who cares, they can just run out of the wilderness instantly after killing you and grabbing all your items from a single key. No problems here, just vote yes.

The ONLY place loot keys should even be CONSIDERED is in world 18, on Bounty Hunter worlds. That is the only place that they are needed. We already have a looting bag. Is that going to be dead content now?

If you're not going to change anything, you sure as hell better not be repolling it. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

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07-Nov-2017 19:04:42

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Bajan said:
Not sure what another user was trying to say when she said, "the community has spoken" when more votes counted yes than no. Seems to me that the majority of people voting want this content to be added but it's the persons who play this game to chop wood and run runes all day don't want PvP content added. Another butt-hurt PvMer voted no because he is salty for one reason or another.

People with this mentality need to understand that just much or even more players play for PvP as they do for PvM or skilling.
PvP one of the most enjoyable aspects of this game. Furthermore, I am thrilled that you guys are paying attention to the Wilderness through this second rejuvenation update. I voted yes for most things but I do agree that the BiS range gloves/vambraces should come through different content. No complaints from me other than me saying certain people need to lighten up.

I'm a pvper and I voted no.

Your logic is wrong. This isn't much pvp content like at all. It will be dead content the second it came out. Getting more armor which we really don't need, especially degrading armor...

You also want BIS range gloves/Vambs through different content, and that alone shows that you are not thinking this through very much.

Having new range gloves doesn't fit into any part of this game at all, it doesn't go with any armor like a set, and it's also not needed because right now there is no need to have a BIS gloves for range, it doesn't flow with the current of things, and then you undermine a lot of other gloves/vambs etc by making them pretty much useless and dead content.

07-Nov-2017 19:30:46

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I really do not understand why the lootkeys are being repolled in the exact same manner as before. The playerbase said NO, we do not want lootkeys in the Wilderness and it should stay that way! Does this mean I can get shit repolled just by whining on Reddit about it? Butthurt PK'ers where making multiple posts about how salty PvM'ers are, and how they would like to see PvP die and how Lootkeys would be anti-bot, blablabla. This is all not true: PvM'ers do not want to see PvP die, we all want some GOOD AND MEANINGFULL Wilderness content, Lootkeys in this form will only benefit PvP-clans greatly by enabling them to camp for long periods of time in the wildy. Forcing PvM'ers to go into wildy is not a good way to 'rejuvinate' it.

This 'Rejuvination' was ill conceived from the get-go and the playerbase noticed this and let their voices be heard through the polling system. This rejuvination of the wildy is nothing more than a bad attempt at forcing more PvM'ers into the wildy, something that with most of these proposals (so not all) is just not going to happen.

I do not hate PvP/Wilderness content, I would actually love to see some great proposals that would make it WORTHWHILE FOR BOTH PvM AND PVP, not just PvP, especially the Lootkeys.

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If you want the PVP Armours to pass here’s the best way,

Make the Sets Degrade in the exact same way as Barrows.
More players would want to have them.
Gives a better look to the game than seeing bandos every where you train.
Not alot of people will want to spent 30m+ for a item that lasts 1 hr for only PK.

Does anyone else wanna wear statius, vesta, morrigans at a boss or minigame?
I feel like they should just be regular armours. We need more choices....

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I am really upset with the game at this point. I am so tired of forcing the meta to be in the wild so that the pvp community can make more and more money without the grind. PVM is a real art, grinding shit so long to get a good drop, some people have over 5k kc in monsters and loot less then what someone can go pk in 500 kills. I will vote no to any new money making methods for as long as I play this game. The fact that zulrah was nerfed but now we need more great money makers... I do not approve of the nerfs to pvm just to make the wilderness more lucrative. I really don't think that Jagex understands how irritating it is to not even get halfway through a wildy boss kill before you have 1,5,10,15,20 people on you to get your 50k risk. making wildy slayer, but not making a new slayer master maybe 120 cb 90 slayer req? you guys keep trying to force us out here to get killed ever 5 minutes. you keep trying to nerf money makers on the pvm side that isn't in wildy, how about you make a poll about what we the players would prefer, pvm content or pvp content. I get it, people like the pvp youtube videos. But I don't see people making 300m in a day at pvm, and being able to pk for 3-4 hours and have 15-100m in loot, you made smiting easier pvp has had its big update now seriously worry about the rest of the players. I'm sorry to say but you guys don't need anymore money. you really don't. you don't have tv commercials you don't have internet ads, you have free advertisement from twitch streamers and youtube content creators. you make 10 bucks a month off each member account, and you realistically need about 30% of the actual staff you have. no ones asking you to make new content everyday, rs3 doesn't need shit done to it just kill that game call it quits. fire all rs3 staff, fire archie, fire half the staff on osrs that is aids. and really learn to give a shit about what we want rather then what jagex wants or you want, that's what gave us eoc and mtx you guys don't listen

07-Nov-2017 20:55:47

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Voting "NO" to all of these, here's why:

Add Divine Spirit shield (1 in 10,000 drop rate) to Corp instead.

And put a new Corp in the wilderness (west of greater demons in 45-46 wilderness), with 2x the drop rate.

So elysian would be 1 in 8000, spectral 1 in 2800, etc. This would make the wilderness extremely active as clans would battle out for the corporal beast spot.

This corporal beast MUST be in 1 or 2 designated worlds, example: World 77 (Corporal beast PVP world) and world 18 (Corporal beast BH world)

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The amulet should never come in game, I see you mention PK'ers always camp high HP and you want them to risk it more, but the thing is, people that camp high HP all the time are not suddenly going to sit around lower HP for +8 STR bonus. They camp high HP cause they dont want to die. And assuming this amulet is going to be costly, is it even worth bringing the amulet with a DDS instead of Glory with an AGS? I think not, I think the amulet will only be used while DH'ing or other activities where low HP is allready the META, and currently the max hit with DH on another player is 102. What's this amulet gonna do? make them hit 106? What's the point.

Powercreep is a thing, and will always be a thing, and for PvM, frankly, you can add higher level bosses that are build around the current BIS and remain difficult, but for PvP, which you can't change except introducing EoC to rebalance it, there's absolutely no way to make an allready broken PvP environment balanced again. People are hitting 120+ damage stacks in 1 game tick, impossible to survive on 75 CB and you keep introducing new, and higher hitting armour/weaponry. It's time to stop.

You are currently proposing items that won't work in PvM but work for PvP, with what reasoning, what can possbily cross your mind that something could be considered too good for PvM against bosses but not too strong for a lvl 80 CB account that can now instead of 120+ damage stacks deal 135+ damage stacks and increase his one hit potential by 40%.

PvP is allready stupidly broken. PvP does not need more accuracy nor more damage. The amulet will litterally have more bonusses on its own than a full vesta's armour set. Am I missing something here or does this not make any sense at all.

The armours are nice though, it's multiple items, marginal bonusses compared to the risk they bring with them, and even if u don't die with it, itll still be lost in the end. The loot key, really nice update, but make it only apply in BH.
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07-Nov-2017 23:08:22



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(Upgradeable/degradable, pvp)

Instead of the Rev Armours make items
dropped by Revs that attach specifically to current pieces of armor, making them pvp and degradeable. For example, an item that is dropped by revs which attaches to
armour turning it into pvp, and un
repairable. This way the economy/prices of other amours doesn't go downhill, and instead raises their prices (like the bandos boots concept).

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I'm all in favour of pvp armours however the way the dev blog explains it is hella confusing.

Like what I can make of it you need to pay a fee of x amount of coins to make the pvp armours 'wearable but untradeable' fine but a little further in the blog it starts to get
confusing and contradicting.

At first its mentioned the items would
however a little bit further in the post it says 'Falling to another player whilst wearing a piece of PvP armour will reward the killer with 80% of the fee paid to make the item
If the armour
degrades fully
, the entire fee paid would be lost.
insinuating that the armours are indeed repairable

So now what exactly happens past after 1 hour mark/death does the item disintengrate to which I understand it becomes in a state beyond repair or does it turn into a state to which it becomes unwearable/untradeable and requires another fee to be paid in order to use it again?

Also 'Falling to another player whilst wearing a piece of PvP armour will reward the killer with
80% of the fee paid
to make the item wearable again,
regardless of how degraded the armour is

so basically I should
suicide after 59mins to my alt in order to get 80% of my fee back?

Making it even more broken if the items are indeed repairable it basically means it would only cost me 20% of the total fee each hour in order to keep using my pvp armours.

This is plain stuppid and clearly shows you havent put much thought into this.

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