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Cabba said:
That way if pvp armour does get introduced barrows sets (besides dharoks) wont become essentially useless.

What..? PvP armor has never made barrow sets useless.
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08-Nov-2017 21:09:51

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All these whiny pvmers need to have their vote revoked. Sorry, but I'm tired of listening to your stupid whimsical rebuttals as to why you voted no to loot keys. We don't care that you're too much of a baby and get flustered from going into the wilderness because all you do is bankstand and roleplay. You have a thousand options for pvm. There's enough pvm content in the game. The one desperate update pking needs and you pvmers and iron man twats vote no simply because "it will get my baby ass who doesn't know how to press the logout button when I see a scary white dot killed". I don't care if you're doing some garbage clue scroll running around the entire map (wilderness included) for mediocre at-best loot and getting angry because someone killed you because you didn't have enough brain cells to bring a glory, d hides, and maybe 2 brews. Pking has been around since the dawn of this game and I don't remember anyone ever crying about pkers until this recent flux of "pvm is best" garbage. You kids are just as bad as BLM. Pvm sucks. It's boring. Get these loot keys in the game.

I can't even begin to understand all of these whiny pvm prods who say stupid things like "stop trying to force people into the wilderness." Nobodies forcing you. And boo who? a new mage cape comes out and you're required to go into the wilderness for 20 minutes if you want it and then NEVER go there for it again. What do you risk anyway? Getting the new mage cape can probably be done with some d hides and a trident. Nothing you're going to lose on death. WAAAAAA. I left the GE and went into the wilderness for 5 minutes and didn't have my finger hovered over glory while I was running and someone killed me for 5k and sent me to lumb. WAAAA. I'm so bad all I can do is PVM and can't go into the wildy for 5 minutes to get one item and never have to go there for it again. Sorry, but pvm has NEVER been as much fun as pking. Kids_ranqe, elvemage, bloodhoun34, skiller who?

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RoT†Pang said:
All these whiny pvmers need to have their vote revoked.

We don't care that you're too much of a baby and get flustered from going into the wilderness because all you do is bankstand and roleplay.

I don't care if you're doing some garbage clue scroll running around the entire map (wilderness included) for mediocre at-best loot and getting angry because someone killed you
I can't even begin to understand

I understand your tirade to be nothing more than whining that you didn't get what you wanted out of this most recent poll... no worries kid.. your delusions of you and only you should get what you want out of the game are something jagex is planning on trying hard to cater to.. they'll poll it again.. they said so even before this poll was allowed to finish.

Now, what y'all choose to do with another FAILED poll is up to you.. but you'll get it polled again and with ranting like yours (where you choose to insult no voters instead of offering us why we should vote yes) you'll likely see the very same results.

Takes 75% of THIS community to vote in favour of it dude.. been that way since the very first poll in old school.

Ignore it or quit. =)
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09-Nov-2017 02:35:25



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I see an issue regarding this whole ordeal. It's the fact that despite the fact that the community voted 'no' to these updates you guys simply want to repoll it in a 2nd attempt to pass it.

As somebody who would eventually like to see corrupt weapons return to the game, and who believes that the PvP armours were the way to start I do find it offputting that you're simply deciding to opt for this. It essentially devalues the community's vote in this manner, and this is coming from somebody who voted in favor for most of the new content.

For the game to truly be catered to the players I feel that Jagex as a company needs to respect the wishes of the players, and need to go back to the drawing board on what could be implemented as unique drops for revs.

The best thing to do at this point would be to draft some fresh ideas (could even be suggestions from the community), and offer those in a poll. It's a fair way to respect the wishes of the players while still offering unique content through the suggested content that will be added into the game.

09-Nov-2017 04:24:17

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Amulet of peril nerfs dharok set bonus and takes away the def req. People will use welfare gear or won't skull to safely abuse the mechanic.

PvP armors are simply put bad for the game. Coming from a team of devs that have either been with the company long enough or have played long enough to see the effects of constantly re-releasing pre-eoc BIS items I find it disturbing you're okay with releasing these... especially after failing a poll. Find a different way to make revs worth it without increasing the constant power creep. We already have anglerfish that push 121 hp and 1t deaths are still possible. How long until you have to implement soaking to combat this? Hp boosting armors? Eoc? PvP armors mark the game being 2 steps away from the same game we all voted to get away from. Whether people vote for them or not (they failed the poll btw) it's the responsibility of the devs to take action to protect the continuity of the game. You did well with zulrah, karamja shop, serp helm nerf. Don't retract that by adding more o.p. shit into the game. Also, you're only going to hurt the majority of the PvP community if you rush them and release without corrupt versions. Most pkers aren't 80+ defence. Bad choice all around.

As for making revs worth doing, release them with beefed drop tables of their normal monster counterparts. I.e. a revenant Dragon having visage and RDT X2 drops. It's easy to make them worth doing without releasing new shiny garbage. Make them all have Dragon pick on drop table, rarity scaled against difficulty. Add emblems. Add noted skilling resources (and magic seeds ffs). Make all drops noted with elite diary. Put some lower combat revs in a single combat area to promote single players risking entering wilderness. Rev caves were dead fast because of only being multiway combat, even with PvP armor/wep drops.

Seriously, consider the future of the game, not the antsy tryhards on Reddit.

09-Nov-2017 09:49:58



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Just a little reminder that this is meant to be an area for discussing the rewards and potential changes or additions, not for shouting about the opinion of others voting.

I fully understand that people have their own reasons for voting against/for pieces of content, but all I want to do as part of this is gather feedback, so please let's keep it that way :)

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Before the initial poll I wrote a reddit post about my thoughts on PvP armour and while the newest changelog has adressed many of my concerns there's still the fact that PvP armours are BIS for both off and def stats. The offensive stats being removed for PvM is a good change IMO and would ofc defeat their very purpose if extended to PvP too. But I think their defensive stats ought to be nerfed for PvP situations. I don't know how feasible/complicated it would be to have the PvP armours to have BIS tank stats and no offensive stats in PvM and BIS offensive stats with lets decent (probably little lower than barrows) defensive stats.
This would however adress all concerns I have about PvP armour:
In PvM they could not be used for crashing at bosses
In PvP antiPKing would still be possible in 'lower' gear too. Why do I think this is important?
If you're a PvMr or skiller or even just a PKr who cannot afford PvP armours and wander into the wilderness, for whatever business you have there (killing bosses, revs, doing clues) and do not want to 3item or be constantly killed you'll want to protect yourself with the very best gear and maybe bring some form of weapon to fight back too
Duo to the extreme cost of PvP armour it would simply not be feasible to use it. Hence, you'd probably use barrows or black d'hide for protection
Scenario1: a PKe comes in PvP armour, with the proposed stats:s/ he has higher dps than you. S/he has higher def than you do. You cant fight back against the high def boni. PKr wins because s/he could afford the very best gear
Scenario2: same, but PvP armours have nerfed def. If you are skilled enough to tank the dps coming from the PKr and manage to retaliate you might do some damage back and even turn the situation around & scare away / defeat the attacker. Comes more down to skill, but PKr still has advantage with his fance gear. Might also encourage PKr to wear a mix of PvP armour and Barrows to have more def/att boni
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09-Nov-2017 10:59:25

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Doubt you will read this but can you poll these two items from the last poll.
1) amulet of smite - increases smite to deal 1/3 of your damage dealt to prayer increased from 1/4.
2) the ring that has a chance to activate your bolt spec more often.
They are both really good rewards and would hold a high value and didn't fail by much last time.

and finally a new addition
amulet of deflection: When a PLAYER hits your protection prayer with the attack style you are protecting from a small bit of damage is reflected. It would be stronger than a recoil but not extremely strong.

this would be good for Nh pkers are tribridders. should have similar stats to a glory maybe with +1 str.

09-Nov-2017 11:14:44



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As a player since 2005, itís very discouraging to see so many updates getting ripped straight from the main game that everyone stopped playing. People stopped playing the main game for just that reason - too many unwanted unwarranted updates. I was happy to see the PvP armours not pass, as Iíd like as little new content as possible. The less content, the more alive the game will be. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but donít fix what isnít broken. We all love runescape, thatís why we came back to Old School. To see it turn into a new game separate from what it truly was in January of 2007, would definitely be a sad day and I can already see it happening. To repoll the armours that did NOT pass with a clear answer to what the community wants only because the devís want to see it in game, whatís the point of repolling something that didnít pass if you just want to add it to the game? Sounds like an unwanted update to me. As Iíve said Iíve been a player since 2005, and to see all the transformations this game has covered, Iíd hate to see Old School go the same route as the main game.

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You said you were working on PvP armour for hybridding, can you elaborate abit more on that? how much time of use? What kind of requirements to use etc?

09-Nov-2017 11:51:19

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