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revtek said:
Doubt you will read this but can you poll these two items from the last poll.
1) amulet of smite - increases smite to deal 1/3 of your damage dealt to prayer increased from 1/4.
2) the ring that has a chance to activate your bolt spec more often.
They are both really good rewards and would hold a high value and didn't fail by much last time.

and finally a new addition
amulet of deflection: When a PLAYER hits your protection prayer with the attack style you are protecting from a small bit of damage is reflected. It would be stronger than a recoil but not extremely strong.

this would be good for Nh pkers are tribridders. should have similar stats to a glory maybe with +1 str.

I saw the post, sorry if I haven't replied but it doesn't mean it's gone unnoticed :)

Be mindful of the ring given we are soon bringing Dragon Bolts into the game, which may open up a lot more uses of the gem tipped bolts.

I think the Amulet may be worth re-visiting, I'll have a chat with the team.

Interesting idea with the deflection amulet too, I'd like it if we made it degrade like ring of recoils. Would this be used much though if we added both the Amulet of Peril and the Amulet of Smiting?

09-Nov-2017 12:01:00

Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

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M4g3 said:
You said you were working on PvP armour for hybridding, can you elaborate abit more on that? how much time of use? What kind of requirements to use etc?

At the moment I can't give enough detail for it to make sense, but we're looking at ways to incorporate switching gear without degrading.

One option may be to simply change the way the timer works, so you can have up to 60 minutes of use in total, rather than working on the current timer proposed. To do this though, we'd have to make it degradeable outside of combat.

Another possibility is to leave the standard sets as they are, with the current timer, and introduce corrupt versions that work on the changed timer mentioned above. If we were to do this though, they wouldn't be the 20 def versions everyone was used to. We need more time to balance those.

The team are looking at all of the options available. I'll get an update out once I know more.

No other stats are changing at the moment, and they'd still have an 80 defence requirement.

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The amulet of peril, the amulet of deflection and the amulet of smiting are all really good options for any pker. They all offer different niches for example the deflection could be good in multi combat or in NH hybridding. Smiting could be good for hybridding,edge pking,low level and high level pkers. peril for those who want big damage and take risks.

Maybe they could all be on the same drop table EG you roll the amulet table then roll for which amulet and maybe +1 junk drop.

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One thing i don't like about rev caves is that it's multi-combat all the way. This means that the entire area will be dominated by pking CLANS and since there would be no way to escape dozens of players piling you, i don't see many people going there to begin with. The way i see it, this is an update for pking clans but not for pkers in general.

PvP armors: i like the idea(especially the gold sink) but i honestly don't see a need for them. I don't think many people will be willing to pay a lot of gp for them and another 2.3m on top of that, all of which would vanish after 60 mins of use for just some minor extra bonuses. Why not try other options instead of repolling these?

Drops in general: i would like for you to be a bit more specific regarding other drops that come from revs as well as the difficulty of killing them. In order for this to actually have an impact on the pvp environment you'd need other people who usually don't venture into the wilderness to go in the caves and kill revs and i simply can't see a reason to (i'm one of those players). Pkers do not necessarily enjoy pvming so i wouldn't expect them to camp the revs and pvmers would not have a reason to go out of their comfort zone to do something that's potentially less profitable than safer options.

Can you please let us know what is your train of thought and how do you actually see this impacting the wilderness? Even though i'm a pvmer, i care about the game in general and would happily vote yes for an update that doesn't affect me but instead helps other players with their pursuits. However, in this case i simply see it as a waste of dev time and most likely dead content after a short while.

With all that said, i believe PvP deserves a well thought out update but that isn't rev caves. I simply don't see a clear incentive for players to kill them

09-Nov-2017 17:20:59



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I've had a bit of an idea that might help address the issue of people complaining that there would be too little reward for killing someone with PvP armor:

• PvP armors do not degrade to dust upon reaching 0% or being lost on death. Instead, they turn into a broken counterpart of themselves.
• The broken counterpart is similar to barrows, in that it has no stats, and cannot be equipped after it is broken.
• Two armor pieces, broken or not, can be combined together to form a single, fully-repaired armor piece. (Could require a high smithing level to do this)
• The fully broken pieces, as well as the fully-repaired pieces, are both tradable.

The reasoning behind using a broken form is that it gives the armor pieces a base value, even when they are nearly or fully degraded. If somebody manages to kill someone using these armors, then they get half of whatever the value of the fully-charged armor is, instead of a set number of coins.

If you need to offset the effectively reduced rate of degradation, either make them drop twice as rarely, or last half as long (30 minutes).

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As a PKER I don't agree with loot keys being added to the wilderness. If it were only specific to Bounty Hunter or a new pk themed world then I would tolerate it.

Although Deadman Mode was popular to many, I don't see the need for loot-keys to be introduced into regular pking. The loot system is what has kept many attracted to Runescape in general in terms of PvP.

If we're forced to tolerate this update, at least make loot key scrolls extremely rare.

09-Nov-2017 21:45:43

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