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This thread is for discussion on the latest news post, which can be found here.

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Support the drop rate for Superior Dragon Bones.

However, it took 4,000 Warrior Guild tokens before I got a Bronze defender, and another 2,000 before I got an Iron defender, so my luck on chanced drops is bad enough to where I'm never going near an Addy or Rune dragon in my life.

14-Nov-2017 17:26:17

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Holy crap! You guys are awsome and im really glad to hear about the bones being figured out! I havnt been this excited since you guys brought out mobile. Speaking of mobile..
Any news on mobile? When the beta is coming? When the actual release date is coming?

14-Nov-2017 19:25:15

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Thank you sooo much for the updates. I'm looking forward to doing this quest. Its been so long since I did my first Dragon Slayer and it felt so epic the first time. I draw RuneScape arts! :D

15-Nov-2017 00:23:16

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I'm glad you made Superior Dragon Bones rarer.

That being said, 150 xp is too much. Why not just keep the drop rate at 100%, but lower their xp down to the level of Dagannoth Bones, or 125 xp each? I'm not all that comfortable with Dagannoth Bones/DKS being devalued further. Making them equal would minimize the impact.
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I don't know why the zygomite at fossile Island dont alway drop grimmy herb. Because of that when I bring my herb sack it come useless to have it.

I like the bone idea. Would we be able to grind/cut them to have dragon bolt/arrow/jav?

I also have an suggestion for mith/addy/rune dragon!!! Could the dragons drop sometyhing like scale so we can use on cannonball :D

I would like french wolrds add :P
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15-Nov-2017 23:21:02

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