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VapeNscap3 said:
you mean max now gives you the max cape hood right not *mac*

There are no NPCs in OSRS called Max.
Go see Mac.

30-Nov-2017 13:04:20



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What happens if you die with a max version of imbued god capes?

Would you consider adding prayer bonus (+3) to the new capes and +1 to old capes? I've always found it weird that god capes have no prayer bonuses at all.

30-Nov-2017 14:05:03

Xestika CM
Apr Member 2018

Xestika CM

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With the new Dslayer2 cape vote, I cannot tell if the Jackscape one has a hood on it, but it actually makes me hope that it is -
I feel like Skillcapes would look a lot cooler if they could have their hoods attached, but not actually covering the head. Maybe a small detail/option to consider =) Thanks

30-Nov-2017 18:17:42 - Last edited on 30-Nov-2017 18:18:15 by Xestika CM

Oct Member 2014


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I don't like the changes to the Ardougne cape. It devalues the Elite version of the cape if you ask me. What's the point in getting the Elite cape now?

5 teleports a day on the Hard cape is way more than enough for daily herb runs. 95% of people aren't playing 8 hours a day and need the unlimited teleports. So now they'll get the Hard cape because that's all they need, and then stop.

Instead of getting those much needed extra teleports your incentive for the much harder to get Elite cape now is more fish, more essence and more sand. Great!

Change the teleports to match the Lumbridge diary. 1 for the Medium cape, and 3 for the Hard.

01-Dec-2017 02:00:37

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