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Spel Casta
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Spel Casta

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Sens249 said:
Spel Casta said:
"Lord Marshal Brogan is the leader of A.R.M.S."

"Looking for a good place to mobilise my army"

So, Oo'glog spa and Mobilising Armies are slated for OS? Or is it just a silly tease that will absolutely not be misconstrued by anyone and cause a backlash as a result?

Its clearly just a nod to the fact that the minigame used to be right there. You're over analysing.

Relax, it's a joke.

That said, an activity that functioned as a resource sink for things like maple logs and ores that flood into the game through misc, wintertodt, and the like would be nice.

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Great quest! Myth's guild looks awesome!

I've noticed that the ground of upper floors of the guild are transparent as ghostly robes (from the bottom perspective)! Hope you'll fix that (unless it's how you want it to be ;p)
Just another scaping addict :|

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Thank you for the wonderful f2p quest and ds2 tease. Keep up the good work team , love you all

the whole area down there looks fantastic and I'm so happy that the black void that was there under feldip hills hunting area is now gone

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This update broke Rag and Bone Man 1 and 2. The monsters you need to kill to collect bones no longer drop the bones needed for the quest. My buddy and I initially thought we were the unluckiest players in the game but there are over 10 threads regarding this on reddit now, so it seems like it's not just us.

Those 2 quests need a patch so monsters drop the bones for the quests again.

08-Dec-2017 18:58:32

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An important question regarding the wilderness chaos altar:

Does the 50% chance of bones not being consumed, also apply to bones that have not been consumed?

Let's say you bring 4k bones, then it means that after using 4k bones, around 2k bones will have received the bonus and not been consumed. You are left with 2k bones. Will those 2k bones also have a 50% chance of not being consumed? That means that after using the 2k bones you are left with 1k bones, and after that 500 bones and so on..

10-Dec-2017 10:42:23

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