Wildy Rejuv II - Revisited

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For the Rev Drops, here are some potential rewards I was working on the other week. They could probably do with some tweaks, but the concepts are interesting.

? Staff:
-Stats and Effect: Level 70 Magic. +15 Magic Attack and Defence with 30% Magic Damage. All spells are cast a speed slower. Auto-casts Ancients.
-Why?: Intended as a Magic KO weapon with lower DPS but higher damage spikes.

Ethereal Defender: [Based on VomitchanOCE's suggestion]
-Stats and Effect: Made by using an Ethereal Spike, rare tradeable drop, on a Rune Defender. It has the same stats as a Rune Defender but requires 45 Defence. It can be charged with Ethereal Crystals and will degrade in combat similar to Serp Helm. While charged, it increases damage in PvP based on your Health. Every Hitpoint lost increases damage by 0.2%; so 2% with 10 HP lost and 19.6% at 98 HP lost.
-Why?: Promotes risking lower health for higher damage. Only works with 1H Melee weapons, avoiding Spec weapons like G Maul or AGS.

Deathseeker Ring:
-Stats and Effect: Increases Accuracy and Damage in Wilderness by 1-5% based on Wilderness Level. The boost is 10% of Wilderness level rounded down with a minimum of 1% (e.g. 37 is 3%, 53 is 5%, 9 is 1%). It skulls you when equipped and while worn; the skull persists for 15 minutes when unequipped.
-Why?: Adds a unique ring option for the Wilderness that encourages going deeper. Allows players to easily skull themselves.

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