Wildy Rejuv II - Revisited

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a Miko said:
YES! Thank you for listening for the community with these desirable changes.

Adjusting the Revenant graphics.
- To be fair, I really, really prefer the older graphics, or at least very similar to those, with the old attack sounds as well. If memory serves, the current ones are just copy-pasted from other NPCs.

Addressing the drops within the Revenant Cave to better align with the polled GP rates.
- Suppose yeah. Are there any plans of discussing newer uniques getting dropped? Maybe PVP armour might pass? Idk, but something else, perhaps?

Rework the Mage Arena 2 boss mechanics & graphics.
- Yes for completely reworking the boss mechanics, graphics and the lore behind it.

Nerf the Twisted bow's effectiveness in Mage Arena 2.
- Why not completely remove its usability? Tbow is by no means useless even if it doesn't work against the bosses within this content. This is not me hating on people who can afford it, it's more so that the Mage Arena 1 was mage-only content as well.

Final question, will any of this stuff be polled? Say, nerfing Tbow, changing graphics to both revenants and Mage Arena 2 bosses, etc.?

The changes to graphics won't be polled and I didn't consider the TBow worthy of one either, as it's more of a balancing change.

In regards to new rewards, if the community are happy to talk about uniques then I'm more than happy to take that information and relay it back to the team. We have a great opportunity here to work on this one.

20-Dec-2017 16:45:19

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