Wildy Rejuv II - Revisited

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Thanks for addressing concerns regarding MA2. Iím mostly concerned about how revenant caves is flooding so much new GP into the game. Obviously player concern about alchables is not in any way unfounded, judging by the statistically alarming jump in GP coming into the game revealed in the data stream (which, presumably, was compiled BEFORE rev caves).

I was concerned about power creep as others were with PVP armor but at least those added huge GP sinks. Rev caves sent the economy in the opposite direction so it was by its very nature the antithesis of what ANY player wanted. The PVPers lost because they didnít get their armour, the PVMers lost because now their favorite boss isnít worth as much because gold isnít worth as much, and the lorehounds lost because now Guthix and Saradomin get demon followers, lol.

Maybe we could create whole new armours that exist as a middle ground to statiusí armour. I donít have all the answers or even very many at all for fixing this but I look forward to contributing feedback to proposed solutions in the new year!

20-Dec-2017 17:27:11

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