Dragon Slayer II

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Vorakth will be dead content....bad drops, some terrible mechanic, not fun at all same as Garg boss--> only for pet hunting, nothing more....

Pet looks at least nice, but thats all from that boss....

The quest was nice :)

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05-Jan-2018 08:26:07

Monte Diablo
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Monte Diablo

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How is Ava's Assembler handled on death in PVP situations? I want to get to pk with it, but can't not knowing the mechanics.

edit: Same type of mechanics as Fire Cape and other untradeables. 75k to repair.

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Post quest Vorkath + rune/addy dragon balancing aside, this was an excellent update. Really appreciate the amount of effort put into the quest fights, cut scenes, dialogue and lore in particular. Oh and the graphics are great too ;)

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05-Jan-2018 20:40:31

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Great job guys with the quest!
Was a super challenging boss for me and i felt a real sense of accomplishment when i killed him after dying.
Great cutscenes, challenges, and mazes and puzzles. Enjoyed the lore as well.
Really enjoyed the new songs... well done!

I love the new guild and cape. :)


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Xtremes Iron
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Xtremes Iron

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Galvek fight is just amazing... shame that Vorkath's mechanics is about too much for a quest imo, especially for an ironman without anti-venom, serp visage/blowpipe.

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I remember doing Dragon Slayer I think about 15 years ago on Runescape Classic. I did it on this account and I think I died the first time when I fought the dragon. I was so excited when I beat the quest and was able to wear the rune platebody. Those were the days. :)

06-Jan-2018 16:16:23

Low Mike
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Low Mike

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Great quest, except way too hard for unexperienced pvmer like me. Paid 100m to a friend to complete Galvak for me, so I guess you can ban me now. I'm not worth of a quest cape anymore anyways. Very, very sad...

It's in me, I can't drink brews and focus on million things on the screen at the same time.

So well done all who managed to do it on their own.


I regret deebly what I did and I wish I could take it back. I've been a osrs player since launch and I've put so much effort on the game. So I kinda hope Jagex could be sympathetic because we all make mistakes, this was mine, huge one though. I gave up too quickly. And it has already made me suffer cos I know it was wrong. I don't feel that I have earned my cape and access to the guild.
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