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Barkov Bear
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My gear setup and stats, completing the boss.
Combat level: 85

Thank you OSRS Team for such an awesome challenge! I can't wait for the next one!

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I have now tested fire surge more extensively in PvP against a variety of opponents, ranging from people in melee armor to void rangers.

The downsides have proven themselves to be severe enough that it simply kills any advantage surge w/ tome would otherwise have. ( And for PvM, swamp trident is of course better. )

Based on the results, using fire surge w/ tome actually helps the opponent more than it helps the mage usually. This is for two reasons:

1. Lower defenses. With the gear available for zamorak flame setups, only the AGS and range is a threat usually. But with surges..pretty much anything can hit reliably. Now, this isn't a problem by itself....but combined with the next issue and it just escalates.

2. Greatly increased vulnerability to venge. With zamorak flames...venge is a non issue. The mage drain makes it to where most opponents can't even reliably use it...if they restore, it'll just get lowered again. Even if they do venge, the lower damage of other spells makes it less effective. The higher damage of surges however has proven itself to actually be detrimental to the mage as a highly accurate, highly damaging, very predictable attack is simply asking to get venge comboed. Simply put...venge is more effective against mages than anyone else and using surge clearly shows this.

Looking at the math side of it: A 90 def mage has about the same dps advantage regardless of which they use (44%). But in actual practice, zamorak flames will have the larger effective advantage due to the mage having to heal less.

While this is useful for pures (OP even) and might have some uses for hybriding..for simple 1v1 mage pking, it's still Zamorak flames with sotd or bust. We still have no PvP variety at all.

At this point, I'm not sure what could be done. (a PvP trident would be perfect, but wouldn't pass polls) Surges were a solid attempt and I was expecting them to be viable, but clearly I was wrong.
OSRS Mage Tank.

Believe magic to only be for support? Think again. It's just as valid of a Pking style as melee and range is.

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Mex Carlos
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hi guys i find a glitch. (to a jagex mod)
if you go to your poh and rock cake down your hp . then u use the mounted mythical cape teleport your hp will go back as it was before you rock cake down your hp. (dosent happend with other teleports on your poh)
was doing some dragons with dharoks and find it out. :D hope you can check it out and fix it tyvm have a nice day

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Love the new surge spells finally magic can be apart of what used to the the combat triangle again maby still well overpowered by range i do wish the spells were increased by +1 or +2 even then still would not be close to range but give magic a chance to be more then a handfull of spells and useless at higher levels

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HUGE SPOILERS here for the storyline...

Well, clearly OSRS is going in a 'road not taken' direction with the lore, as a character who plays a small but important role in certain dragonkin-related quests in RS3 dies during Dragon Slayer 2.

The problem is, there doesn't seem to be much point other than shock value or making people feel sad. And this character, even while still being involved in said quests, was mostly a comic relief character.

Why kill off Bob the cat? Was he standing in the way of the plot? It's not like the deaths in While Guthix Sleeps, where two Warrior's Guilders, two Slayer masters, and two allies from previous quests are all killed to let us know Lucien really is dangerous and he's playing for keeps. So a dragon can shoot a fireball at a cat who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Does killing off Bob the cat really make Vorkoth and Galvek seem more dangerous?

OSRS, up until now, seemed be the Lighter and Softer alternative to the darkness of the 6th Age storyline in RS3, where we've seen a number of NPCs be taken off the table in various ways, some more permanently than others. Bob's death, meaning that once Dragon Slayer 2 is completed OSRS players will no longer get to hear his wit and wisdom about cats, casts a pretty dark shadow over the whole thing.

Bob's about as old school as it gets. And killing him off is like killing off a part of the old school experience.

So, what purpose does killing off Bob serve? I mean, he could have just as easily said "Okay, I was Robert the Strong in a past life, but that's in the past. I've got a good thing going in this life with Neite.", in case the argument was that he couldn't just go back to roaming the land as if nothing happened once he got his memory back. I don't think it was necessary to let loose the Plot Reaper on Bob.

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Just want to say thanks for a great quest! It's nice to have a hard combat challenge from time to time.

If you make more quests like this, please continue using the 100k per death mechanism, it makes the difficulty much more bearable.

Here's the stats for when I completed it:

And I got my quest cape back at the same time! :D

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