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Strawpoll it

Strawpoll it

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Alright, opinions.

First of all, great changes that were indeed very much needed.

My issues with this whole thing though;

1) The Blowpipe meta: It's way too dominant, it crushes a 28m niche weapon into oblivion.

The Dragon Hunter Crossbow should be (Atleast atm) BIS against dragons (Except for maybe a few exceptions due to the Twisted Bow).

Increase the damage+accuracy against dragons to the amount needed to beat the DPS of Blowpipe and come close to the DPS of the Twisted Bow.

2) The drops, not certain about kill times atm but I honestly doubt it will be better than Zulrah, make it more compareable than Zulrah but worse than raids.

3) The 100k item retrieval, great money sink that rewards good players for sure, but 1 small problem, why pay 100k to get your items back from a very strong boss, when a different boss is free retrieval and can't do that much DPS?

I'm ofc, talking about Zulrah...
Compared to Vorkath, Zulrah is more gp/h and far less punishing.

The retrieval cost should be based around the expected amount of deaths aswell as profit p/h.

The amount of deaths the ''pro'' players had were about 1/5 times, that's absolutely massive considering the 100k retrieval cost. (esp. with a usual drop worth 60k)

Sadly, at this current state and time once you have the head for Ava's, there's no actual reason to do this boss. (Except cosmetics)

Please buff his drop table, I know you're all waiting on data, but even a blind person can see that it is utter shite atm.

05-Jan-2018 13:17:56

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