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TheBoyOnFire said:
Dargronn said:
A lot of people seem upset that the blowpipe is meta (again) and they would like to see a buff to the dragon hunter crossbow as BiS. However this would make killing all dragons faster, unless it would only apply to Vorkath. This doesn't seem very logical.

A suggestion would be to just make Vorkath, rune and adamant dragons 'immune to darts'. I think it would give the dragon hunter crossbow some love. Just a thought.

Personally I don't really care but it does seem rather bland that a weapon costing only 3m is better than a 30m niche-weapon. For future updates this is something that should be considered more I guess.

Overall good hotfixes though, great job on the quest aswell. :)

Well i share this opinion, blowpipe is a bit too strong and makes a antidragonshield useless and even more with the new potions, a 50% damage reduction would be maybe good i don't really know

Antidragon shields became useless the minute they brought super antifires into the game. Blowpipe on vorkath without needing a shield is irrelevant baseless comment now that you can use ant weapon without an antifire shield.

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