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I'd prefer they'd implement a mechanic similar to corp, but in this case specifically for darts and blowpipe. A 50% damage reduction for darts and BP or just make it hit constant 0's at the new boss and rune/addy dragons. Like you'd get a message stating 'the dragon's hide is to T H I C C to be penetrated by darts'. No specific requirement to let people use an anti-dragon shield, but just takes out the effectiveness of the blowpipe here, it's got plenty of uses already.

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I thoroughly enjoy the quest! I think it fits very nicely within the game. Congratulations to the team for the masterpiece.

Love grinding Vorkath atm. Haven't touched addy/rune dragons yet. General loot at Vorkath is weak. Supplies are paid and you get a profit. But that profit is so small, the boss might quickly lose it's charm. In my opinion, table needs to be buffed. It's basically higher reqs than zulrah while zulrah is still high up in gp/hour.

05-Jan-2018 14:08:29

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This is the perfect chance to add some quick post-quest lore stating: "Some weapon from the Western lands is rumored to boost your fight against these dragons" and then if you show the Dragon Hunter Crossbow to the guy who teaches you to make super antifires or some other NPC, they will imbue it for free, making this crossbow finally worthwhile to kill dragons with, making it at least as good at Blowpipe (for dragons).

The pipe is way too op already, let's balance things guys!

05-Jan-2018 15:27:50

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I hit with a acb and 90 way too many 0's. make his range defense maybe a bit lower. I can't afford the dragon war hammer
Happy scaping and may the RNG be ever in your favor!

05-Jan-2018 15:49:24

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Make the dragon hunter crossbow be used for what it was intended please: hunting dragons ^_^

BP (and T Bow) metas get really tired after a while. This could give the dragonfire ward a bit more use too?

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completely agree with that, drop table needs to be buffed. supplies and darts cost way too muchh, and considering how high the reqs are for this boss it definetly needs a droptable buff. like zulrah pre-nerf :^)

05-Jan-2018 18:09:31

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