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Vorkath have too much hp, takes too much time to kill (only 20 kills/h or less) and TERRIBLE drop table, half the gp/h than zulrah is (supossed to be better than zulrah) in my opinion it is a TERRIBLE final job and game/boss design, hope to buff the table or else not worth killing.

05-Jan-2018 19:31:56

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Great changes!

However like many are commenting it is kind of odd that the drafon hunter crossbow and the dragon shields are not the best option for this boss. Kind of counter intuitive. I agree with vorkath needing a small drop table enhancement. I did rune dragons for quite a well as well as my friends and we all got the same result that gp/h withput uniques was 1m/h. If that was the intended gp/h or not Idk but the dragons are very fun to fight, good change on the spec reduce, also yea they pj too often, I sometimes go under the dragon to eat 1 food and get attacked before coming back out.

05-Jan-2018 19:40:20

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How many JMods does it take to write a news article?


And the feedback: The dragonbone necklace might be a bit OP when used with the bonecrusher.
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05-Jan-2018 20:10:05

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Yes, true its not worth killing past the point you get the head. Droptable buff would be great. However nerfing bp seems to be harsh since you pay alot for using Darts + scales to kill the boss and with the recent dropdable you dont even break even with bp cost+ supplies. Using Cbows takes more time but you profit more.

I found the boss nerf + the salve ammy activation too early since people didnt even get the hang of it yet. I killed few off task before nerf and it was good. Id recomend to reverse the nerf and buff the drops to beak atleast even.

Leave bp alone.

05-Jan-2018 23:50:35

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This boss feels like its only worth killing for its head (Ava's Assembler). After that, the only real incentive seems to be the Visages and pet hunting.

The per drop wealth (similar to the Grotesque Guardians) are low on average compared to other bosses in the game. For the difficulty of the boss and the extensive lengths in order to reach this boss, along with its gear collection mechanic, it doesn't feel near rewarding enough. A boss like Zulrah, for example, outclasses this in gp/hr and is only locked behind mid/low tier questing and very repeatable mechanics.

My ideal fix for this would be to only revert the HP changes while buffing the drop rates slightly. This would extend kill long enough to reduce kills/hr, as long as the drop table buffs are sufficient enough to go with it.
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I don't know if it's just me but I'm having a really hard time clicking back and forth to attack Vorkath while getting dragon barraged. Anyway, I'd really like for the fighting mechanics to stop revolving around these niche little clicks that have a really good chance of going wrong. A good example of mechanics involved in a fight is Olm imo. Anyway I'm just here to echo the same sentiment that most people have, a better drop table and ideally the boss to not be so hard.

Also it'd be cool of Galvek was a boss and had drops. He was a lot more fun than Vorkath.

06-Jan-2018 02:42:01

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I decided I'd get a few kills on the boss before adding my opinion, I've reached 100 plus Kill count now so I think I have some idea on the drops, time to kill and gear required and since everybody else is comparing it to Zulrah, I'll do the same and as to why I think Vorkath needs a slightly improved drop table.

For the sake of both bosses, I will compare with max gear

Let's start with Zulrah (I have 5,000 KC at Zulrah)

Killing Zulrah requires having started and reaching a certain part in Regicide, a medium level quest that can be completed early on, with a teleport that takes you straight next to the boss fight. With full Ancestral, Arcane SS, Zenyte items, Boot/ring switches, Armadyl, blowpipe, addy or rune darts and at max level.

you can grind out a kill every 1:30 minutes, with up to 8-10 kills per trip using little to no food at all. Averaging at around 100,000 GP per kill.

There is no risk as if you do happen to die, it will be kept for you by an NPC near by free of charge.

This means a possible 2 million GP per hour give or take depending on how well the player is and of course RNG on certain hits for lower times. Even pure accounts or sub level 70s are able to kill it without any issue and reap the profits.

Now we go to Vorkath (I now have 100 + KC)

You are required to do the new Dragon slayer 2 quest, that has a large amount of requirements to be able to complete it, you must either complete a diary to get even remotely close or have a house near.

Once again, using max gear. Armadyl, Addy or rune darts, Zenyte items, boot and ring switches with bandos , Salve amulet/Slayer helmet and DWH or BGS for defense lowering, I was managing an average of 2minutes to 2:30 minutes per kill.

My average time was doubled without lowering the bosses stats, making it pointless to do more than 1-2 kills per trip. Averaged at 50-60k per kill. However the majority goes on supplies. (Even using 0-2 food)

It's not worth it beside the boss head.

06-Jan-2018 02:44:14

Scythe Split
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Scythe Split

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Unfortunately, I ran out of space from my above statement but to clear things up in a more compact post,

Zulrah requires low gear and medium levels and quests completed to do, has next to no risk at all and no payment or punishment if you do happen to die while averaging 100-130k per drop.

Vorkath on the other hand requires multiple quests, higher level quests, multiple bosses to be killed, alot of money put into supplies for what I have seen, 50-60k average kills and you can only manage 1-2 per trip, which I am not saying it's bad. But the payout for the effort required and supplies (darts, scales, etc, not even including food) is extremely low.

The only drops currently worth getting are the rune items (about 90k) a magic seed (170k or so) and dragon bolts which are rapidly declining in price due to the amount of players killing the boss.

So I do believe some buff to the drop table would be an improvement, many people have said they do not plan to kill it on task or off task as it's not worth it. I am not saying give the boss a chance at two drops in the table per kill or make it 150-200k average to equal Zulrah. Only that it is made so that it is somewhat worth it. 100 kills took hours to complete and I barely walked away with 4-5million GP, I spent 2-3million on supplies if not more. A solo boss is meant to be rewarding not draining.

Thanks for the read!

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