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The boss has too much HP and deals far too much dps. Also as some people pointed out where is the dragon hunter crossbow buff? I think DHC should be atleast 30% damage/accuracy against vorkath.

06-Jan-2018 06:10:12

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Suffer said:
TheBoyOnFire said:
Dargronn said:
A lot of people seem upset that the blowpipe is meta (again) and they would like to see a buff to the dragon hunter crossbow as BiS. However this would make killing all dragons faster, unless it would only apply to Vorkath. This doesn't seem very logical.

A suggestion would be to just make Vorkath, rune and adamant dragons 'immune to darts'. I think it would give the dragon hunter crossbow some love. Just a thought.

Personally I don't really care but it does seem rather bland that a weapon costing only 3m is better than a 30m niche-weapon. For future updates this is something that should be considered more I guess.

Overall good hotfixes though, great job on the quest aswell. :)

Well i share this opinion, blowpipe is a bit too strong and makes a antidragonshield useless and even more with the new potions, a 50% damage reduction would be maybe good i don't really know

Antidragon shields became useless the minute they brought super antifires into the game. Blowpipe on vorkath without needing a shield is irrelevant baseless comment now that you can use ant weapon without an antifire shield.

I understand all angles. A reasonable fix, esp since it is already well known twisted bow isn't meta (if it was then what I am about to suggest would cause some turmoil), give Vorkath a mechanic similar to corp; make Vorkath reduce the damage of any 2 handed range weapon by 50%.

1 - won't kill twisted bow because it wasn't good at vorkath from the start
2 - only effects range so melee methods won't be altered.
3 - Dragon hunter crossbow would be the meta without buffing the item itself, no reason to buff the crossbow when it is already meta for practically every other dragon in the game.
4 - Blowpipe has already been balanced there is no reason to change it whatsoever.

06-Jan-2018 12:06:32

F R E S H 1
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the final boss in ds2 should be looked at. when it does its fire ball attack i move and yet it follows me and kills me. so much gp has been spent back n forth and yet i cant kill it. its fire ball hits 2 spots and i always move 3 spots yet the fire ball always follows an extra space and kills me. also on some screens kinda hard to see if its doing a water wave or a fire ball attack. if your making the new boss easier and the new metal dragons easier you should make the final boss a little easier also

06-Jan-2018 12:59:30

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I just wanted to say you guys did a great job on this QUEST!!!! I like the fact that it is NOT easy. I spent the entire day questing and died about 12 times on the final fight. At one point though it hit me about I was doing wrong, I changed it and beat him!

Please please do not make these bosses easy for people who whine. The bosses are not meant to be easy kill.


06-Jan-2018 14:29:20

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Haven't posted in the forums in years but since i don't have a reddit account i'll post here.

First of all awesome job on the quest. I died a ton of times on the final boss. At one point i wondered if i would be able to do it at all which is the way a final boss in a master quest should be!

As for my suggestions for Vorkath after the quest; they are more of small tweaks that i noticed while killing it the past day or so. First of all the zombified spawn should have a bigger click radius. Right now it's too small and if you don't click it soon as it spawns it's going to hit you.

Second suggestion is to get rid of that annoying confirmation message when paying the 100k to get back your items from Torfinn.

THAT"S IT! Leave everything else alone. It's a great boss that takes getting the hang of but once you do it's fun and different. Not every boss needs to be the new META for money making and replace the previous boss's. I think of it as an alternative.

As for Blowpipe being META once again. I think it's a bigger issue of the BP being META in nearly every situation and only nerfing it for Vorkath is a lazy "band-aid" method of ignoring the real problem that the BP is too OP. So i'll leave that complaint out of this thread.

06-Jan-2018 20:09:52

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Just make the boss harder and remove the solo pvm element. I love playing with my friends and we love go bossing why do you always just add bosses you cant duo or trio. It's so boring to solo bosses.

07-Jan-2018 04:49:55



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I have wasted nearly 5m in supplies and 100k sets for the chest to regain my equipment. I'm not too great at bossing, but it's been a long time goal of mine to get the quest cape. I feel like a super hard boss should be kept away from quests. It's kind of taken the fun out of questing by having a very over powered boss for someone who likes quests but isn't the best "PVMr". I love the boss don't get me wrong, but if you don't boss a lot, it's really difficult. I'm talking about the final boss, volkrath or whatever the blue dragons name is was manageable, but the last part with the waves and fire ball... It's very difficult if you lack PVM experience. Unless something changes, I can't afford to keep killing it, or I'll lose everything and all I want is to finish all the quests. Can the end have fire ball damage or wave damage nerfed or something? I understand the mechanics, but if I can't defeat the boss because I'm simply not that great, that means I'll never get the quest cape and I don't have any reason to continue playing this game. That was my goal coming back to rs was to obtain the quest cape. Now it seems a bit unreachable. All of the RS quest bosses so far have been fun to fight but this one is only fun for the pro's.

07-Jan-2018 06:32:27 - Last edited on 07-Jan-2018 06:41:46 by Aprilia

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Make something accessible for pures who have 90plus slayer inside a slayer only cave or something as for pures and other builds aren't able to ever kill them.
Start thinking about other builds rather than just one.

07-Jan-2018 09:07:00

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