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Quest was a lot of fun and I am happy with the direction osrs exclusive quests are going in. The bosses were challenging but very doable if the player has maxed combat and maxed gear. Putting that aside, the Vorkath pet is a beauty and I eventually would like it to join my collection of pets but until the Vorkath drop table is buffed I see no reason to try and camp for the pet. I personally am okay with a 100k death penalty to motivate players to get the mechanics down but a even more rewarding drop for risking 100k each kill would be superb.
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Vork's Drop table needs a buff, otherwise the boss will turn into another slayer boss, that most people won't even try to get (unless pet hunting) or they will still skip.

i agree with the 100k for deaths ect but the price is high for such a bad drop table.

08-Jan-2018 11:12:28

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This is in regards to the Ds2 quest rewards from a runecrafting standpoint: With wrath runes dropping in price rather quickly, it's becoming less of a viable method (in terms of gp) already in compared to 2x death runes (at 99 rc). As far as feedback goes, I was wondering if you could make some tweaks into the use of magic for them, b/c as of now, pkers will just buy a couple and use a few surge spells and that's it. With ancients, they have lockdown with ice barrage and it's a really good training method as well (barraging monkeys, etc).

So I'm proposing more spells that incorporate wrath runes into them, so there is more of an economy for them and people would actually want to buy them for training, pvm etc, and stabilize the price of them.

I did really enjoy the quest though, I did Ds2 on this account (combat 85) with the hopes of wrath runes actually being good money (better than 2x death runes, since the quest reqs and 200 questpoints are so high!) but with lack of demand and usage for them their prices are steadily decreasing, is why I hope to see more spells use these new runes introduced :)

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Thanks to all for your feedback. I will be locking this post now as there is a new one due to be released later today.

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