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This thread is for discussion on the latest news post, which can be found here.

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I second this, RuneScape HD would be a welcome addition to OSRS in my opinion at least with the option to toggle on/off.

It was one of the main updates from RS3 that I believe was a great success.

01-Mar-2018 14:19:15

y 42

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The sentence - 'It is no longer possible to stack multiple Mud pies on the same target to reduce their run energy to 0% in a single game cycle whilst is a single combat area'

It should say 'IN a single combat area'

hope this helps :)

01-Mar-2018 14:35:17

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Great update :)

By the way, there are a few grammatical errors besides the one mentioned above.

"The beta playthrough will take place on Thursday 1st March at 3pm GMT (10am EST)"

^ missing a full stop at the end.

"Our initial batch of changes listed in the aforementioned news post intended to target players that were getting much more gold per hour than most, and the increase of resources being introduced to the game. Whilst we achieved that, we believe that after anlysing the new post-change data, we didn't quite hit the mark. In fact, we overstepped it a little with the reductions and so in this week's update we're making a few minor changes following our recent data analysis."

^ 'anlysing' is spelled incorrectly. It should be spelled as 'analysing'.

"QoL month has officially finished and what a journey it's been! This year we've been more ambitious than ever, pushing to get as many of your most popular Quality of Life and low effort update suggestions done within a month. We took on a huge amount in the QoL month polls. Much of it's arrived already, but you'll be aware that we've got other things going on too, with staff working on preperations for the announcement of the Theatre of Blood, Mobile, and on preparing today's beta test, so you can expect the remaining QoL Month features to turn up over the next few weeks."

^ 'preperations' is spelled incorrectly. It should be spelled as 'preparations'.
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