The Theatre of Blood

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This thread is for discussion on the latest news post, which can be found here.

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I'm sad that the log in screen doesn't have any blood on it. :'(
The one that won, was like the only entry out of place. :'(
and the worst looking templar armour won. :'( - Question: In the future, would you consider adding in the 2nd style for the justicar armour? (Maybe adding in an NPC that allows you to switch the look of it. Kinda like the old NPC in varrock in RSC that would change your platelegs to a skirt, or vice versa)

07-Jun-2018 11:41:39

Il Own Il

Il Own Il

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really glad you pvm idiots down voted all of our pvp gear now we have 3 uniques for the hardest pvm in game? wtf. we cant have anything nice anymore. not to mention the uniques are far from meta or even above 2nd meta for them to have a real value.

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