Looting Bag Improvements

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This thread is for discussion on the latest news post, which can be found here.

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Thank you for the updates!

Have you guys thought about the possiblity to make Funko Pop!'s for osrs? Can think of Full Rune Guy, 3rd age guy, Max melee guy, bot guy(?), Bob the Cat, Wise Old Man, Nieve, Vorkath, Zulrah,... endless... I would buy them all!

09-Aug-2018 11:54:26

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Has the change to smite been implemented yet? I'm not sure if I missed its announcement lol (not being able to keep draining prayer past 0hp with bgs/ancient mace)

09-Aug-2018 16:36:41

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Awesome update, but I just had one suggestion for the in-game collection log.

Would it be possible to show the kill counts/clue scrolls count, so that we can keep track of how many we've done and all the loot we've gained from them?

Alongside that, it'd also be lovely if we could reset the counter (and the loot we've gained), just like the boss/slayer logs. This would be great for people that like to keep track of their loot in a specific amount of kills, for example.

Thanks! :)

EDIT: Yeaaah, I must've missed a few things... ignore this post... :P

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Caved in on the looting-bag in the end.

Hopefully buying one resets the player's RNG.................
MP1 ... ?
Cancer Cure Hits the Market! Car-T Cells Youtube.
120 day life cycle of Cancer cells?

09-Aug-2018 17:10:02

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