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Some initial thoughts

> We'd like the PoH Spec Pool nerf from Seasonal Deadman servers to be added. This would prevent players from using it for 3 minutes after combat.

Is there anyway for you to differentiate between PvP and PvM combat with regard to this change? Currently in seasonal, if you get attacked by a monster you still have to wait 3 minutes to get your energy/spec back which is annoying for non-PvP activities

> Player versus Player combat within safe zones has been disabled for a long time within the Seasonals. We'd like to make this change on the Permanent Deadman world too.

This is already the case, unless you mean attacking from outside which is a different issue that seasonals still has

> We'll be investigating ways to prevent players using low cost gear to farm high level content due to no XP lost on death whilst unskulled.

I think just re-implementing some exp loss whilst unskulled deaths will be the way forward here - even if minimal


Would also be nice to have GE respawn as an option on W45

20-Dec-2017 16:48:31

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