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This server has been out for TWO years and it needs extreme catch up mechanics to encourage new players to start playing.

Upon leaving tutorial island, a player should gain the following:

12 hours of Protection from PvP combat; cannot attack players for 12 hours of in-game time. (prevents ragging)

Cannot attack any of the Godwars bosses or Corp under protection.

Level 70 in Attack, Strength, Defence, Range and Magic

Completion of King's Ransom, Monkey Madness, Lost City, Animal Magnetism, Fremmy Isles, Desert Treasure, and be able to start RFD to gain access to Barrows Gloves.

50x Experience Rate

An untradeable equivalent to the Dragon Scimitar the disappears after the protection is over

An untradeable equivalent to 10k Rune Knives that disappear after the protection is over.

An untradeable equivalent to 10k elemental and catalytic runes that disappear when the protection is over.

20-Dec-2017 17:06:28

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