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You have to find the main issue and not just add buncha small updates to potentially revive it.

The main issue with w345 is that it has been out for 2 years and there is no way for a level 3 to be able to start out fresh and new to compete with the existing player base. The reason is because 1. W345 is basically Ironman-mode. No one can buy anything at all as a low level without being in a big team. THERE needs to be a low tier shop which sells all the necessary items for a beginner to start out. Everything from swordfish to dhide, potions etc. 2. However, once the low level player has reached new heights they will get pked by someone in full ancestral, ags. (note; the issue is not purely that GE doesn't exist for low level players, the issue is the low amount of players too.)

W345 needs to get alot of thought put into it. Once the OSRS Team feels it has a good set of updates that will make it not die out, the server needs to get reset and restart the permanent server all fresh again. Though, you guys need to have come up with some brilliant ideas so the new fresh server won't end up like the current one right now. Deadman has alot of potential and I think that can already be seen in the recent Deadman Tournaments.

Also, please please please make it impossible to teleport to a safezone with Poh portals if you are skulled.

Reading this thread just blows me how little people know about w45 dmm mechanics or how it works at all compared to seasonal and other PvP. Even you (JMods) seem to not know alot. You said for example in the thread
"Player versus Player combat within safe zones has been disabled for a long time within the Seasonals. We'd like to make this change on the Permanent Deadman world too".

THIS is already fixed in w45..

I suggest the OSRS team to write a whole list of all rules and changes in W345 compared to normal runescape in a new news post once all updates are made.

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