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Mod Ayiza

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Miss Rias said:
Other big problems in W45 -anglerfish -rev caves -bolting a throwaway account from single to multi while being under attack

Removing unnoting will make the server completely unplayable for players with even somewhat high ping (since its only 1 server, US) just add the eating delay when touching bank booth.

I think Anglerfish will become less of a problem with un-noting no longer being a thing, you'll likely need the more powerful food to help survive.

20-Dec-2017 16:38:33

Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

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Xark said:
Wilderness Rejuvenation:

You must force PKers to risk about 5x more than the Wilderness skiller/pvmer.

If Revenant killers risk 200 k in general then the PKers in the cave should risk 1000 k in general.

Revamp the Bracelet of Ethereum.

1: Bracelet will ONLY always be dropped on death when you are SKULLED.
2: Bracelet will be required to enter Rev Cave and cannot be thrown away/traded inside the cave.
4: Bracelet will be sold by NPC for 1 m and have high alch value of 1 m.
5: Current Bracelets will be removed owners refunded corresponding gp.
6: Bracelets will be changed to RARE drop from Revenants.

This way the minimum risk of a Rev Cave PKer will be 1 m and the Rev killers will still risk about 200 k.

This will complete the food chain by encouraging the strongest PKers to PK other PKers, rather than every1 only pking the Rev Killers.

Could you put this onto the thread related to Wilderness Rejuvenation instead please? The QFC is 380-381-448-65974281

I'd like to keep this specific to W345 only :)

21-Dec-2017 11:06:23

Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

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Hi All,

I am seeing a lot of comments regarding W345 and the removal of un-noting food. We saw the feedback you gave regarding this in the previous thread we had open and can see the same trend here.

The reason for bringing it forward is to gather as much feedback as possible. I am seeing a lot of concerns regarding making it less viable for lower levelled players or new starters, but please remember they will have the 6 hour immunity and increased experience, so whilst they won't be able to afford the max tier gear, they should be of a similar level.

Here's my opinion on the matter (I may be wrong, which is fine):

Bank tanking makes for very stale gameplay. It only truly benefits the high levelled players that are unwilling to risk their items, because they are the only players able to tank the initial spec/damage output of high tier gear. Lower levelled players are likely to get killed very quickly regardless, as they are still limited to a certain amount of food they can eat in X amount of time.

The whole bank tank meta is just a way to extend fights with very little risk of death and I don't think it's healthy for the longevity of what is meant to be a high risk game mode. Being at a bank should not be the equivalent to being in an additional safezone. Also let's not forget the fact that for it to be worthwhile, you need to have surplus amounts of food stocked up - how many newly created accounts are going to have access to that?

We're listening to all of your feedback and as I say, the above is just my opinion. I'd be interested to hear what you think about it.

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