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I log in using facebook and google log-in because i dont know my email, i recently enabled my auth, then i accidently deleted my auth code, and now i cant disable my auth to enable it again because i deleted it and dont know my registered email someone please help

20-Aug-2019 04:59:27

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If you don't know the linked email account, then you need to recover your account. To do that, click here then click 'Reset Password', when you are prompted if you know the linked email address, select 'no' and fill in the form

Once you've successfully recovered:

-The authenticator will be disabled, allowing you to set up a new one if you wish
-The linked email address will be changed, removing the old one that you couldn't access

I've also moved your thread to the Community Led Account Help section :)

20-Aug-2019 06:01:29

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