Hacked Iron and Main

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Fe Reject
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Fe Reject

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So, my email was compromised and in result my iron and my main were both hacked. I know they cant rollback my iron though I wish they would roll back to June 9 which was the last time I logged at least.. (glad they weren't able to de-iron. Unfortunately I lost everything I grinded for on my iron.. not so much my main since I cleaned myself.. stupid sand casino.

Is there a way to see the IP that is responsible for the hacking of my account/email? Is there any actions that can be taken against this IP?

I have taken further steps to secure my email and my accounts to prevent this from happening again(hopefully).. though this person is still trying to regain access to my email.

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Skod River
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Skod River

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Hey Fe Reject.

Well i am pretty sure that Jagex can look into that , but their findings are not something they can share with the community at all.

I can assure you that if they do find the sinners , will they punish them in the hardest way they can ;)

Did you change Password and set up 2fa for your email ?
Did you also set AUTH up for your account(s)?
Did you also set up bank pin for your in-game wealth?
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