Is getting hacked just normal?

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Your underlying assertion that it's easy to get hacked is wrong. You start from a position of security by default, and your account only becomes compromised as a result of some action or mistake you made. It is, however, quite likely that you didn't realise you made it, as a lot of common scams and attack methodologies are quite mature, and effective simply because they're indistinguishable from the reall thing.

There are plenty of resources to help you protect your account - I recommend bank PIN and authenticator, the combination of which goes a significant distance to preventing a lot of common attacks. On top of this, make sure you're affording your email account as much protection as you do your Runescape (or any) account - if someone has your email compromised, they can do anything they like to recover your account, change its password, disable authenticator, etc.

Jagex don't return lost items as a result of being hacked - your account security is your responsibility. Suggest you read through this board, and some of the stickies (there's a good one in the General board), and read up a bit on common social engineering methodologies. And make good use of the various tools you have to secure your account, like MFA, bank PIN, password vault etc etc.

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