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Can I Get 5m

Can I Get 5m

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Hello, I have been muted in runescape for only 2 days. Which isn't such a big deal, but the moderator had no evidence as to why i was muted.

And also it seemed out of the blue, I didn't even say anything that would break any rules that im aware of.

I would like further details,

17-Jul-2019 15:39:51

Skod River
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Skod River

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Hey Can I Get 5m.

Don't believe it was Mod their gave you that Mute , but think it was a Chat watch mute.

You can read a bit more about mute's in this article :

That is why i believe your mute is a chat watch mute , if it was a P mod mute , then would you have gotten a message about the extended mute from a J mod. :)
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17-Jul-2019 16:11:36 - Last edited on 17-Jul-2019 20:05:57 by Skod River

Mod Stevew

Mod Stevew

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I'll send you a message with the chat log, I'm afraid it's far too graphic and distressing to post on these forums.

18-Jul-2019 11:04:39

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