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I have 2-factor and for some reason I would never get a text to my phone. So I have to disable it every time I log in, and it keeps being re-enabled somehow. I took it off using my PC instead of my phone, and now when I try to log into the client I get the message, 'Your account has not logged out from its last session or the server is too busy right now. Please try again in a few minutes.' Trying again later does nothing. I have a back-up account I've been playing on, and from his view I can see that my account is not online. Anyone else deal with this?

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I'm not sure the MFA does use text - ordinarily, you'd install an application on your second factor, be it a mobile device or a PC. I haven't heard of a method by which you can use text messaging instead for Runescape MFA.

Regardless, I think you'd be better posting in the Account Help board - authenticator being enabled without your awareness sounds more like someone else has access to the account, in which case you may need to run a recovery and a password reset. If that is the case, then it probably means that your registered email address is compromised as well. Post on Account Help, or ask for your thread to be moved there, and I'm sure you'll receive some helpful guidance on that aspect of your problem.

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If the authenticator is being re-enabled, it sounds like your account has been compromised. I would recommend running a virus scan, malwarebytes is good if you don't already have one. If anything is found on the scan, remove it, restart your computer, and then scan again until it comes back clear

Once you've done that, change your linked email account's password, and setup two factor authentication on it. Then, do the same for your RS account, change the password and enable your own authenticator, it would be a good idea to change your bank pin if you have one, and if not, set up a bank pin to keep your account even more secure

I've also moved your thread to the Community Led Account Help section :)

20-Aug-2019 07:11:54

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Hey Jc4269.

If you still have trouble to get back into the game with that message , then will i really suggest you to look into this QFC : 408-409-321-66033695 or head to this article :

Follow all steps , DO NOT SKIP ANYTHING
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