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Dat Oi

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Hello, how to contact Jagex tech support directly by written email?

My account was hijacked today (my own fault to fall for scammers trap) but authenticator was not asked. how it is possible to log in to my account from other location without authenticator? I am using it for enough time and every time when I log in from different Ip it is asked.
WHY IT WAS NOT ASKED ON SCAMMER PC? how he can easily join my account without authenticator

I am not looking for any item refund or anything, just help on authenticator - why somebody could join my account without it. as well, so that Jagex can look into my account and check with whom trade was (the only today trade) - it is scammers account.

16-Jun-2019 16:38:29



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A trojan in your computer will let a hacker behind it access your computer and IP as it was you and that's why authenticator wasn't needed! Scan your computer and change passwords on account and email! My goals and achievements on F2P accounts! ---> Thread! <---

16-Jun-2019 16:47:29

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It's possible that you have a trojan and the hacker did use your IP address to log in, as stated by 333333333.

I strongly suggest scanning your computer and immediately changing your passwords. I'd definitely check out these support pages on securing yourself:

Securing your computer
Securing your account
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