I got hacked and lost everythi

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Last I had my account I was in a safe spot at brimhaven dungeon. I next log in to see myself at lumbridge, yet my death spawn is fallador. My dragon crossbow is gone. Slayer helmet in pieces with the black mask gone, look in my bank, and around 15m just gone. I don't know what to do. Is there anything, or am I just done playing now, cus I don't want to grind for all that stuff back.

26-May-2019 19:53:06

Skod River
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Skod River

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Hey Caidentt11.

I am sorry to hear what happen to you :(

I would suggest you to look into this page's :

Just in case this page as well. :

If you want to report it to Jagex , then do you need to do so from this page :

Sadly do you need to rebuild what you lost , which you can read from this page :
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26-May-2019 20:13:30

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Your wrong, reports do help. And Jagex may be able to see who hijacked
your account. Here in the community led account help we see people in
here with a Hijacking ban which is unappealable asking how to appeal
because they claim they didnt do it. So it would help. Maybe not the
instant you send in the information as Jagex gets tons of reports but
they will get around to looking into it.

It wont get your items back but you can have the satisfaction that they
will loose their whole account on a ban that Jagex wont even consider
letting them have a 2nd chance on. While you on the other hand,
may have lost a few months of work, you have your stats and knowledge
of the game to help you earn the money faster than you did the first
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26-May-2019 22:16:19

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