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So i finally got sick and tired of Osrs, been wondering if the account gets deleted automatically after not logging in for x period of time or is there a way to do it manually?
Appreciate the feedback.

14-Jun-2019 01:29:53

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I believe that the account is kept forever, however Jagex will periodically remove names from accounts that have not logged in in a long time to be released for claiming by other players. Ooh, a light at the end of the tunnel...
...Do you think I should get off the tracks?

14-Jun-2019 05:15:47



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The only way to delete your account (which can't be reveresed) is by contacting Jagex. This will also remove access to RuneScape 3 and if you want to play again in the future you'll need to start a whole new account.

You can read more information here.
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Why would you want to delete it though?
You don't need to do that, and most players feel inclined to come back after a period of time.
Unless you have a particular objection, why not set a strong password, make sure you've recorded it somewhere (safely, like in a password manager), then leave it as-is.

Worst case scenario, you never touch it again. Best case, you feel like playing again in a few years time, and your account is waiting for you with all of your progress saved.

14-Jun-2019 12:52:26

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