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Is there a way to view login attempts/history? I believe somebody accessed my account today while I was sleeping, but I'm not 100% certain. I slept from 12 PM ET - 7 PM ET, so I'm looking for a login or logins within that timeframe. My account has a history of attempted hijacks since the middle of last year, if it matters any.

For what it's worth, I have 2 FA, the login history of my email suggests nobody logged into it. Can't prove nobody has been in my phone, but it was in my pocket when I slept, was there when I woke up, so it didn't move.

I intend on changing my password to be safe, but just inquiring in case.

23-Jun-2019 00:58:18

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It's not possible to view any previous login attempts to your account. I would suggest going ahead with the password change, and make sure it's a password that you haven't used elsewhere. If you're concerned about your email account security, change the password for that too and enable two step authentication on it^^

23-Jun-2019 04:28:19

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