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i love bewts
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i love bewts

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Hello! to make this short! If I were to change the name of one of my accounts, how soon could i "choose" that same name if i were to want to put it on another account.

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26-May-2019 05:15:14

Lady Lilla

Lady Lilla

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hello there.
Your previous name will automatically be reserved to your account for at least 35 days.
so i guess after 35 days you will be able to use it for another account, correct me if im mistaken.

26-May-2019 05:32:23

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Please note, trying to transfer a name from one account to another in inherently risky. If you lose the name, Jagex will not help you get it back.

There are two ways you can lose the name:
- Someone else takes the name after you free it, but before you set it on your other account
- The name no longer passes the name censor check

More information here:
Transferring character names
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